Factors To Consider When Buying LED Strip Lights

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One of the most popular choices in today’s lighting system is the flexible LED strip lights. These are used by architects and designers in residential, commercial and industrial establishments because of its efficiency, brightness, many options when it comes to colour and easy to install. Even homeowners are able to install these because they can purchase LED lighting kits and they only need an hour or two for installation.

LED strip lights are also known as LED ribbon lights and LED tape lights. While there is no standard checklist when buying, there are a few things you should consider before deciding on a final purchase:

  • The lumen in each strip should be the same all throughout in order to get the same level of brightness. There are quick guides online which you can check in order to know the lumen required for specific applications. If there is no lumen output indicated on the LED strip light you are buying, buy at your own risk because you will not be able to determine the brightness unless you buy and try them at home. If you are specific with the quality, you can always verify the lumen output by asking for the test data sheets of the strip light you want.
  • CRI or colour rendering index is another factor which you should consider. If you chose a certain tie thinking it is black and came out on the sunlight only to find out it is navy coloured then your lighting’s CRI is low. This is the measurement of how colours would look like under artificial light compared to natural sunlight. If you are using the LED strip lights to light a photography or art studio, pick the one with a CRI higher than 90.
  • The most typical LED strip lights for sale are already pre-packaged and cut into spool with five meters each. When buying, make sure to check if it is bought by reel or by foot. Double check the length before paying.
  • LED strip lighting gained popularity because of its low power consumption. Make sure to verify of the wattage indicated on the label is for every reel, foot or meter before buying.