Exploring Terminal 21 In Bangkok

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Bangkok is known for its rich shopping scene and one of the most talked about shopping center in the city is Terminal 21. Foreign tourists who are planning to do a shopping spree should book a hotel near Terminal 21 in order to be close to it and other shopping spots. Visiting Terminal 21 will make you feel that you have travelled to different cities including Paris, Rome and Tokyo. The establishment opened back in 2011 and since then it was dubbed as a shopping paradise by locals and foreigners. The mall’s concept follows that of an airport’s departure area and shoppers will be able to visit different cities in every level.

Inside the mall are 600 stores with over 50 restaurants as well as cafes. The size alone can be jaw-dropping, not to mention the huge escalators. It is easy to get confuse with the size of the mall but this simple guide will help you navigate it with ease.

The lowest level is level B and it only houses a small florist shop and a UPS shop. If you are not sending any package or buying flowers, you can go ahead to the next floor which is LG Caribbean. This level is where you will find most banks and food shops including Mos Burger, coffee shops and BreadTalk. For Western options, there are A & W and Subway. There is also a gourmet market and grocery store on level LG.

Level G is Rome which offers branded clothing such as Fox, Guess and Jaspal. This is where the exchange currency shops are and the help desk is also on this floor if you want to access the free Wi-Fi. Level M is Paris and this is dedicated to beauty products from brands such as The Body Shop and Mac. This floor has the brands H & M and Victoria’s Secret. This is where you can ride the giant escalator that leads to the next level.

Level 1 is Tokyo and focuses on women’s clothing while Level 2 is London dedicated for men. Level 3 Istanbul has random categories of products for sale. Level 4 and 5 are both San Francisco while the top floor is Bangkok where the best food court is located called Pier 21. Make sure to print this guide and book a hotel near Terminal 21 in order to make the most of your visit here.