Experiencing Melbourne Adventure Tours With The 2 Day Sea Kayaking Course At St. Kilda

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I have always felt a deep love with the waters. Since I was a young lad in my elementary school, I took to the waters of my swimming pool, and have since become an amazing triathlete with a penchant for the first leg, swimming. But as I grew older, I wanted to try different water-based activities. I had experienced the thrills of scuba diving during my college days and had witnessed the Great Barrier Reef with my own eyes when I took a walk on the sea floor. But nothing had prepared me for the joy I would get from kayaking.

A friend of mine had suggested that we go for Melbourne adventure tours on a one day trip kayaking along the coast of Melbourne. While I was excited, I had to face the harsh reality that I had never kayaked before in my life, and that I had to learn now if I wanted to have any chance of being good at it on the day. So I took up a 2 day course on sea kayaking at St. Kilda. There I had met some amazing instructors who showed me the basic exercises to perform before getting into a kayak, and then proceeded to explain to me the true art behind kayaking. It wasn’t simply a paddle to the left and a paddle to the right. It required a much more involved approach which took up more mental power than physical power, and which left me with a true sense of accomplishment.

While swimming, I had maximum speeds of approximately 3 miles per hour, but when kayaking it becomes a completely different story. I started off on the first day topping off at a mediocre 5-6 miles per hour. However, on the second day I had mastered the art of kayaking and had put the “pedal to the water” so to speak, and had achieved speeds of nearly 12 miles per hour. It also did help that I was quite a light person and I could easily transport myself across the water. A few days after that, my friend and I had joined up for our Melbourne adventure tours, and raced along the coast of Melbourne in our kayaks.