Everything You Need To Know About Tesla Power wall In Brisbane

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The modern world requires homes and business establishments to be powered by energy. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the source of energy is so long as there is power to illuminate the space and energy to make those appliances functional. There are different types of energy sources but one of the most cost-efficient is solar power. While there are solar power systems that do not require batteries, there are also those with Tesla Power wall in Brisbane for energy reserve. Tesla Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery pack. It is usually mounted on the wall and it comes with sleek design. The battery is powered by solar energy and is utilized with the following functions:

  • Used as emergency power source in case there is power outage. A Tesla Powerwall is important in case of calamities wherein powerlines are primarily affected. Even without electricity, your home or establishment will remained powered with your reserved power source.
  • You can also utilize Tesla Powerwall in Brisbane during peak hours where power costs are high. You can shift your power source from regular electricity to Tesla Powerwall to reduce your energy costs.
  • Tesla Powerwall can also be utilized as storage for extra energy. The stored power can be used as an alternative energy source to power your home during peak hours.
  • For efficient use of the battery pack, charge it off-peak hours then discharge it to power your home during peak hours when electricity costs are higher.

Tesla Powerwall comes in two sizes. The smaller one amounts to around $3,000. It can store and generate energy for up to 7 kWh. The bigger type amounts to $3,500 with 10 kWh energy storage capacity. The price, however, does not include the installation costs and inverter yet. Tesla Powerwall comes with 10 year warranty. To ensure that the Tesla Powerwall in Brisbane will function optimally, have it installed by a qualified technician. There are solar contractors with websites or you can also find them in yellow pages or in classified ads. Ask for a copy of the contractor’s license and certificates before hiring him.