How To Ensure An Awesome Experience At Chatuchak Market

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Bangkok is one of the best known cities in Southeast Asia that gets the largest share of visitors every year. The capital city of Thailand is very attractive to tourists because of the rare experience offered in the city of modernity and traditional culture. Areas of entertainment and delight are carefully entwined with ancient Thai culture. One of Bangkok’s selling points is Chatuchak Market that is so huge; you can literally find everything you are looking for.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is simply awesome but while it is exciting to visit the market for the first time, it can be a little daunting. There are about 8,000 different stalls that offer an assortment of goods. Once you see something you like, purchase it immediately because it is very unlikely that you will find the stall again. There are literally thousands of local tourists and foreigners perusing the different items sold by local vendors.

If it is your first time to visit Chatuchak Market, there are 27 different sections with products grouped broadly according to category. Free maps are available to help you find your way to the clothing and accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, decorative items, etc. Be prepared to spend a few hours to a day to ensure some fun haggling with the local vendors. Although there are a lot of bargains, always make sure you have brushed up on your haggling techniques to get the cheapest prices.

Since you will be doing plenty of walking, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and footwear. It can get very warm in the market and it is suggested to wear summer attire so that the heat will not diminish your enjoyment. A backpack will be more convenient for carrying items you buy. Don’t forget to carry cash for potential purchases. Make sure though to change the dollars to the local currency before you visit the market.

Be friendly with the vendors to get a better price for your purchases. The locals are very friendly and warm and they certainly appreciate a visitor who treats them with some kindness and respect. The locals will be too happy to help you find the best places to see in Bangkok.