Industry Of Flowers Exporter In Thailand Booming

Flowers are everywhere nowadays. From gardens of home, to farm and to flower shops, flowers are considerably essential to human life owing to the mere fact that some of the flowers of today are now being used due to their health benefits which humans can get just by drinking juices or vitamins that are containing natural extracts you see, most of the flowers that we usually see in farm or even those that are planted in our respective home gardens have been proven to be containing extracts such as Aloe Vera which is primarily helpful in treating various skin-related health problems such as rashes and other kinds of skin infections. Now, in the Kingdom of Thailand, there’s another industry in the country that has been booming aside from the country’s tourism industry which is producing millions of Thai Bhat for the economy during the first half of 2017. This industry includes an accredited flowers exporter in Thailand which primarily specializes in professionally planting a wide variety of flowers such as orchids and makes sure that they will be in export-quality come harvest season.

To begin with, Thailand isn’t just known for its palaces and rich culture. In fact, the country is also known worldwide thanks to its world’s famous orchids, orchids which can only be seen and grown around the vicinity of the kingdom. As we know it, the orchid kingdom is divided into 100 groups of orchids which majority of them are being produced for commercial use and eventually, being exported to other countries. Just to name a few, some of the orchids that are being grown in Thailand are the Violet Bloom which is said to be among the favourites, the Arachnids and Aranda. Of course, we can’t simply forget about the specific specie of the Orchid, namely the White Orchid, which is said to be a rare flower even in Thailand. Naturally, the orchid has been the biggest flowers exporter in Thailand although the kingdom also has other flowers that are being planted in its farmlands and gardens. In fact, some of the said flowers are also exported to countries in Europe and other countries.

Benefits Of Employing Professional Wedding Catering In Sydney

Planning for a wedding, whether it’s your own dream wedding or, someone else’s wedding, can take up a lot of your time, effort and, energy. You see, a wedding is considered as one of the most important days in a couple love story so for the majority of those who can afford, they really spend that much time and effort to sit down and plan their wedding to make sure that nothing goes wrong throughout the day of the said event. Now, one of the major things you need to plan properly is the food that will be served to the attendees of the wedding at the reception proper. For this, you can have someone who can cook for a huge number of crowd or, you can employ professional wedding catering in Sydney or anywhere in the world. For starters, an experienced wedding caterer has the capability to offer catering for wedding depending on the couple’s budget that they are working on and, the types of wedding and reception which they want to have.


Attention to detail is one of the most important keys in planning the catering for your wedding. When you in fact, choose to employ wedding catering in Sydney for example, everything will be taken into account from the venue of the reception, to the beverage, menu planning and, the schedule for the day itself. Caterers around the world treat catering not as a package but as unique event which can be very much different depending on the clients. And yes, employing wedding catering in Sydney and other cities has its benefits for the couples and below are just some of them:

  • One key benefit of hiring professional caterers for your wedding is that they can offer you the perfect menu selection depending on how much you are willing to pay. If the couple has a lesser budget to work with, some caterers are open to offer alternative menu selection which is smaller in quantity but still the same yummy catering experience.
  • Another benefit of hiring caterers especially for wedding is that couples don’t need to roam around and make sure that the guests are properly fed. Also, they will be able to save money by letting the caterers do their job because you are paying for the food and service which you don’t get if you ask someone to cook for you.

Tips When Choosing A Diamond Ring

Choosing a diamond ring can be daunting because you certainly do not want to be duped. The key to choosing diamond rings is to be educated beyond the usual 4 C’s that mean cut, carat, colour and clarity. While the 4 C’s is pretty straightforward, it is not enough to tell you the full story of the diamond ring’s physical beauty.

How the diamond stone is cut is the biggest factor that determines its beauty. The better the way it was cut, the better will be the brilliance and sparkle of the valuable stone. When the GIA system is used in assessing diamond, there is a classification according to grade from excellent, very good, good, fair and poor.

Most people will assume that when a diamond has a GIA classification of tripleexcellent; it is already the best cut. However, while the GIA grading system provides a fairly good assessment of the stone’s brilliance, there is also a wide range of proportions that exist in the triple excellent classification. To put it simply, 2 diamonds that are triple excellent do not actually look the same because there are subtle differences in proportions and facet alignment that will affect the way the stone interacts with light.

The problem is further aggravated when the diamonds are viewed in strong light inside the jewellery shop. The jewellery store uses a lighting system that tends to make jewellery look amazing to sell better. However, this usually becomes the common pitfall for buyers of diamonds because even the worst cut will sparkle beautifully.

If you are untrained in the choice of diamonds, it would be difficult to differentiate an excellent cut from a poor cut. The diamond may lose it sparkle once you leave the store premises. When you have a specific grade of diamond in mind, it will help you narrow down the search list.

However, the choice for a diamond ring in Thailand is not about numbers and ratings but your personal preference. There is a simple philosophy that you can follow. Appreciate the diamond for its beauty and rarity and not according to amount of money you paid for the valuable stone.

The Five C’s Of White Gold Vs. Platinum

So, consider these 5 c’s of white gold versus platinum.

Aside from considering the 4 c’s of diamonds – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight – there are many people asking if a diamond should be set in white gold or platinum.

Colour and Care

For a white gold to get its silvery white colour, it is mixed with yellow gold, or alloyed with other white metal/s like silver or nickel. Therefore, this means there is no “pure white gold.” Sometimes, it has a rhodium coating for a shinier and whiter finish. It must be re-dipped every several years in order to retain its shine and colour, and to replace the rhodium plating; or it is going to revert back to yellow gold. Many jewellers offer this service free of charge.

Platinum has that natural greyish white colour. For it to be purchased, it needs to have a minimum of 90% to 95% platinum; otherwise, it is just regarded as platinum alloy. The colour of platinum doesn’t fade over time. However, the shiny finish is going to dull. It can be shined professionally, too, like white gold.


The huge benefit of white gold in comparison to platinum is its cost. Platinum is rarer, and it is mined lesser than gold. In each year, only 160 tons are mined compared 1,500 tons for gold. Platinum is also denser compared to gold, which means a ring is going to weigh more in platinum. It is easier to understand that white gold setting is half as much as platinum.


Many of the white gold engagement rings come in 18K or 14K versions. The former is 75% pure gold, while the latter is 58.3% pure gold. When the carat amount is higher, the gold content is purer. However, this also means the metal is less durable. Gold at 24K is too soft for mounting jewellery. It needs to be alloyed with some other metal to harden it.

Platinum is durable, stronger and heavier compared to gold. Aside from it affecting price, one should consider if they want a heavier or lighter ring.


Gold symbolizes divinity, wisdom and wealth. Aside from this, it is the traditional metal used in engagement and wedding bands. Since this doesn’t tarnish through time, it symbolizes the eternal vows among a couple.

However, platinum is now becoming a new symbol of prestige and wealth.


In sum, whether it be white gold engagement rings or platinum engagement rings, this is still a matter of personal taste. Hopefully, the information above helps with the decision.

Tips On Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding day to the one you love will be one of the most important days you will look back on in the future. There are many things to do during the planning process such as choosing vendors, assigning the wedding party, sifting through the engagement photos you have and making a checklist for the big day. The months before the wedding might be stressful and the tasks can be overwhelming, here are some tips on how to handle your wedding planning.

  • Determine your budget and make sure you follow it. We all know how expensive weddings are nowadays. Just like planning any other event or party, you might be tempted to include other items as the big day comes to a close. The bad news is this additional item is not included in your budget. Make sure to follow the budget you have set before you started planning and follow it so that you will not spend more than you have estimated. Make a list of priority items and make sure you have them before adding anything new.
  • If you already have a budget set, make sure that you also have a timeline. This should complement your daily schedule as well as the groom’s. You can search online for wedding sites that provide a platform where you can create a checklist and a timeline. This will ensure that you will have enough time and everything is set and ordered before the wedding date.
  • Employ tools that will help you plan your wedding. Aside from the online wedding sites, there are other tools you can use to your advantage such as an event app that will help you keeps track of your budget and remind you of special appointments.
  • The most important detail that you should know before planning is the number of guests you are planning to have and the venue. This will give you an idea if your budget is right. After determining the number of guests, you may search for possible venues. Before signing a contract, make sure that you know what the venue will provide and what is included in the quoted amount.

If everything seems too much for you to handle then it is time to hire a Wedding Planner in Sydney to save your sanity before your big day. This will help you relax and while staying involved in the planning process.


The Best Hotels And Resorts For A Tropical Dream Wedding

Phuket is a top choice for a perfect tropical wedding destination in Asia. Needless to say, it has the perfect beachside locations and great hotels for any couple who wants to have their dream wedding.


The list below will help you while giving options.


Trisara Phuket (Cherng Talay – accommodates up to 120 guests)


This is definitely one of the luxurious resorts found in Phuket. This is located between Naithon and Bangtao beaches in the northwestern coast of Phuket. For a truly lavish wedding, this is the best choice. There are great locations in their resort grounds for the ceremony and dinner. The resort can provide legal wedding services with an added charge. You can also choose between a Thai, western or a water blessing ceremony.

The Vijitt Resort (Chalong Bay – accommodates up to 80 guests)


The Vijitt resort is a great hotel located on Chalong Bay which is in Phuket’s southeastern coast. It has a large beachfront. This resort is a splendid venue for an exotic wedding. You can choose between a Thai or a western wedding ceremony. They also have a wedding planner.

Paresa Resort (Kamala Beach – accommodates up to 80 guests)

Paresa resort is located between Kamala beach and Nakalay Bay. This is an impressive resort built on a cliff. You will be exchanging your vows in an outdoor terrace overlooking the great Andaman sea. They have a dedicated wedding planning team who’ll make your wedding outstanding and stress-free. You can choose between a Thai or a western wedding ceremony.

Amari Phuket (Patong Beach – accommodates up to 80 guests)


Amari Phuket was refurbished around 2014. They are located in the southern end of the famous Patong beach. They are a favorite venue to get married in Phuket. They offer 1 package for a Thai wedding and 3 packages for a western wedding.



These are just some of the Best Wedding Locations in Phuket for you to tie the knot. It is now up to you to book your tickets to Thailand, and the rest will be taken care of by your chosen hotel or resort.


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