Gain The Most Value From Your Holiday Money In Thailand

If it is your first time to visit Thailand, the best option is best new hotel in Sukhumvit that is located in the heart of Bangkok. The central business district (CBD) of Bangkok is where you will find the best restaurants, entertainment venues and nightlife. The BTS Station is just a few hundred meters away if you want to visit other popular tourist attractions.

What will you choose a long haul destination like Thailand for half the price or a short haul destination for summer? A family of four can save up to £3,000 by choosing a 3-star hotel in Thailand instead of a 3-star hotel in a Greek island. According to Travel Super market, a price comparison site, similar holidays to Thailand, New York and Dubai are generally cheaper by thousands of pounds than classic Mediterranean resorts.

If a family of four will choose Thailand instead of Santorini, they can save £2,940. For a couple, a Thailand fortnight holiday will allow them to save £594. If the family will opt for New York instead of Mykonos, they will be able to save £1,092 for a week’s stay. 44% of the holiday money can be saved by a family that will choose to visit Dubai instead of Ibiza.

Based on the results of a recent research, a family of four can book a room for two weeks in Patong on the island of Phuket for only £835 per person including a flight from Birmingham on August 17. A room-only holiday at the 3-star Ether Studios on Santorini on the same day will cost the family a staggering £1,570 per person.

Many people do not realize that they can get more value from their holiday money by swapping short haul for long haul. The best time of the year in terms of cost is May to August in Thailand. It is the low season and everything is cheap from food, drinks and entertainment.

For holiday travellers who are passionate about shopping, the best new hotel in Sukhumvitis situatedclose to the big shopping centres and entertainment spots. You can’t help but love the trendy clothes, shoes and bags that very affordable.

How A Ferrari Service Beverly Hills Can Help You Assess This Car?

For car lovers, the best way to experience a sports car pleasure is slipping behind a Ferrari. If it is really your desire to own this car, you will want to evaluate carefully the Ferrari before you finally decide to buy it. In this way, you assure yourself the quality vehicle is indeed a great investment. And you will love to visit a Ferrari service Beverly Hills for this purpose.

If you look into Ferraris, these sports cars come in various models and makes that will suit your every need. You will want to narrow down your choices so you have an idea on how much that chosen vehicle is worth. Ordinarily, you can check some Ferrari service Beverly Hills for information about the various makes of cars. For a few, they may not be able to see pricing information for used Ferraris. However, if you check the make, model and year it was innovated, you can get a pricing information about your chosen Ferrari.

If you live in Beverly Hills, search for investment car dealers online. You can certainly get a bigger selection for searches if not limited to a specific geography. When you plan to buy a specific car, you will want to take a close look at its history. One way to do that is obtain a history report from the seller of the Ferrari. You can find several sources online, which can give you a guaranteed used car report for the history of that car.

Furthermore, you will want to ask how the vehicle was maintained by its previous owners. Poor maintenance will make the car become a poor investment. In your Ferrari valuation, you need to check thoroughly its critical area including the accidents and survived floods it has experienced. All these will make the car reduce its value. If you want, you can hire a qualified mechanic from a Ferrari service Beverly Hills to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle.

The best ways to learn about Ferraris for sale is to join a Ferrari club. Its members can surely recommend how to properly maintain a new or vintage Ferrari. You can also find information that will help you find a great Ferrari. Start with a Ferrari service Beverly Hills and know all the details you need for this car.

What’s It Like On A Rooftop Bar In Bangkok

When the sun sets, the true colours of Bangkok light up. For those who sleep early, they’ll be missing out an experience that can only happen once in your life. If you’re looking for fun at night, you can see that Bangkok is really glittering and charming. You’ll be surprisingly entertained the moment you see and hear its nightlife. The animated rooftop bar in Bangkok bedazzle with every taste, style and budget that merrymakers take pride. The glimmering street markets brim with delicious food and drinks that surely attract visitors. The discos play every music that make your feet move along with a large crowd, and before you know it, you have befriended lots of lovely people.

Having Fun with Everyone

Bangkok’s nightlife is not only centred in one section of the city. For those with family can do a lot more. They can enjoy cruising the famous Chao Phraya River while sitting comfortably in a luxurious ship where they can see skyscrapers, temples and other historical landmarks. If you’re coming with your Mom, take her to the 24-hour flower market to smell amazing fragrances. There is also a rooftop bar in Bangkok where you can enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying some chit-chat with colleagues.

Feasting in Winter Beer Gardens

Though the winter beer gardens only operate during winter months from November to January, but this is a treat that’s hard to miss. The market pavements are adorned with tables that line up mugs of beer neatly with plates of delicious sausages in an atmosphere of live music, ranging from jazz to rock. It’s a great place for travellers who want to sip their favourite beer and take up the vibrant local ambiance.

Rooftop Bars

The city takes pride of its al-fresco rooftop bar in Bangkok, which brighten up the nightlife with a charming experience. The bars are the most extraordinary ways to party late at night and marvel the panoramic view of the city down below. However, you need to remember that these cocktail bars prefer a dress code so you need to wear good clothes appropriately.

Amenities Provided By Luxury Resort In Kanchanburi

Kanchanburi is a beautiful city located at the confluence of two rivers of Thailand, Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai. The city is famous for the bridge over the Kwai River and the death railway started during the world war ll. The place is famous among the foreign visitors and backpackers for its chilled out river vie and the presence of beautiful parks and national parks.

The tourists who prefer the chilled out province to the touristy and maddening Bangkok can book their stay at the luxury resort Kanchanburi, which provides modern amenities amidst pure luxury. The beautiful resort is located by the side of River Kwai and has a serene peaceful atmosphere.

The five star luxury resort Kanchanburi has a large salt water swimming for the guests to relax and take a cool dip. There is a separate kid’s pool for children to enjoy splashing the cool water. Guests can attend the various classes conducted by trainers at the swimming pool like water Taichi and water aerobics.

The tranquil resort has a world- class spa which provides modern healing treatments. Enjoy the traditional Thai massage after a hectic day of site seeing the historical monuments and the beautiful nature parks around the resort. The herbal products and organic scrubs used in the treatments are exotic.

The beautiful and tranquil luxury resort Kanchanburi also boasts of a fully equipped modern health club and fitness centre. The trainers at the health club teach kickboxing, yoga and cross-training to the guests. Guests can opt for personal training sessions with the qualified trainers at the gym and enjoy working out at the luxurious gym located amidst nature.

The beautiful and expansive luxury resort Kanchanburi has five different restaurants to satisfy the cravings of guests. The restaurants provide a variety of cuisines ranging from authentic Thai cuisine, Western cuisine and continental cuisine. The five beautifully done dining spaces are located near the lobby and by the riverside. The wine bar has a retro look and serves a selection of fine, well-aged wines and cocktails. The bar has private Karaoke rooms to enjoy with friends and family. All these world-class modern amenities and the warm Thai hospitality make this resort my preferred destination to book stay at Kanchanburi.

Why You Should Consider Staying In A Hotel

When going on a holiday or a trip, travellers now have many options when it comes to choosing accommodations. One of the hottest destinations the last few years is Thailand. What many people don’t know is that there is a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit which caters to the need of the guests, local or tourist.

One of the main benefits of staying in a hotel is the security. This is not a feature provided in every type of accommodation but a hotel, which operates 24 hours, has security provided. Not to mention that their front desk and services are available round the clock. High-end hotels are equipped with state-of-the art technology and all floors are installed with CCTV cameras for the safety of the hotel guests and the staffs.

Guests are more likely to enjoy their stay and remain comfortable if they know their security is a priority. It is also crucial for the hotel’s reputation to protect guests because there are many channels where they can leave negative reviews and could lead to the loss of business.

Another benefit of staying in a hotel is that cleanliness is maintained. This is recommended for people on a holiday as they wanted to stay away from household chores too. The hotel comes with housecleaning staffs that handles everything from making the bed to changing the towels. All the guests have to do is sleep, roam around the city and when they come back their roam has already been taken care of.

Guests don’t have to cook or prepare their own meals since there is food service 24 hours. While there are many restaurants and food stalls in Bangkok, some guests might feel tired at the end of the day and would prefer to eat inside their hotel rooms. This convenience is not possible if they chose to rent a separate apartment.

Lastly, comfort and pampering is provided by convenient hotel in Sukhumvit as guests have various amenities. There is a hotel information centre where tourists can inquire regarding local attractions and food spots. There are hotels that provide a tour for their guests for an addition charge. Guests can also request a private car or rented vehicle which is coordinated by the hotel.

A Bus From Bangkok To KohPhangan May Be An Option To Take You Around

So you have finally arrived in Bangkok, may be you have spent a number of days in this insane city and are probably heading to the islands. Great, but you just want to know how to reach these areas. Well, you can always check your guide book, but it can’t really provide you a good option on which is best to ride. A bus from Bangkok to KohPhanganmay be suggested but how? So here’s how you can do that!

Train and Boat

Many trains are available every day from Bangkok to Surat Thani. The train journey should be completed in 9 hours. You must then get a coach from the station to pier in Donsak. If the weather permits, you can ride a 4-hour trip by boat. The best way to do this journey is to take an overnight sleeper train that gets you to Surat the next morning. You arrive at KohPhangan in the afternoon. Also bring a jacket as it can get cold on the 1st or 2nd class ticket with the air conditioner on.


If you ride a bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan, it will be an inexpensive trip. However, it may not be the most comfortable trip to take. If you book in VIP buses, you can arrange your trip through travel agencies in Bangkok. It should take you 19 hours to get there especially if the bus is moving slow. This can be a great option to take if you are in a tight budget and want to enjoy the view at KohPhangan.


In KohSamui airport, Bangkok Airways monopolize the trips to this area. It can be an expensive journey to take but it’s actually the fastest to reach the area. Book in advance before you ran out of seats. If you arrive KohSamui, you can request the taxi drive to take you to the pier to board a boat leaving for KohPhangan.

When you arrive KohPhangan, friendly taxi drivers love to take you around. Don’t be alarmed by their attitude as they are only making a living. Also you can rent a scooter to take you around the island.

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