Why Choose A Single Home Over Condos And Townhouses?

Homes are now available in various styles, which include townhouses, condos and single homes. More people are now enticed to buy them for their family. A single home may sound interesting to buy; however, it is a more expensive type of a real estate property. However, there are still people who prefer to live in them.

Single homes allow you to buy a lot and home all at the same time. You are actually building a house within your own lot. The property may extend about 650 to 750 square feet, which is quite different from townhouses and condominiums. Here are some benefits if you should buy a single home for your family:

  • You have full control of the space as it is yours.
  • You don’t share walls with other residents, so you are free from hearing irrelevant noises inside your residence.
  • You just need to abide some policies provided by your city and locality.
  • You can renovate the house as you wish, so long as you comply with the city’s requirements.
  • You provide your own appliances like a stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, and more.
  • Depending on your preference, you provide your own home systems to include heating, cooling and gating.
  • A single home may come with a swimming pool or a large garden depending on the area.
  • There is no need to pay management fees like what condos and townhouses have.
  • The resale value is higher than other types of homes.
  • You can have it rented for a number of years.

Aside from the benefits provided by a single home, a homeowner may also experience disadvantages for living in them. He or she may need to handle all the maintenance fees concerning the property. They will be responsible for the upkeep of the garden and its landscape. As the entire property is owned by one, there is no common playground, gym or pool, that are only found in condos and townhouses.

The biggest advantage for owning a single home is providing everyone in the family some privacy. They can do anything without being bothered by other people around them. Another concern for purchasing this property is the availability of financial resources. Note that these homes are more expensive than condos and townhouses; so homeowners need to expend more money on paying the amortisations.

Benefits Of Doing Online Courier Quote

Benefits Of Doing Online Courier Quote

There are several benefits in requesting for courier quote online. One of these benefits is the convenience of the service. You no longer have to drive to the courier company and take your parcel with you just to determine how much you are going to spend for the service. With online quick quote tool, you can do it at home and obtain information without going anywhere.

Shipping rates differ from one company to another. However, there are companies that offer amazing deals that would help lower your shipping costs for up to 50%. All you have to do is fill out an online quote form and send your quote request to the company. You just have to keep some things in mind to have an effective and accurate online DIY quote. Here are some ideas:

  • Determine the exact weight, length, width and height of your parcel. You need to be accurate with the dimensions because giving inaccurate information will incur additional costs when the parcel is delivered.
  • Filling up the form is easy. You just have to indicate where the parcel would be collected, from what country and address if it is international shipping and to which country it will be delivered including its address.
  • For comparison purposes, ask for a courier quote from different service providers. Find out where you can get more deals and more value for your money.
  • One benefit of using quick online quote tool is you determine how much you are going to pay for the service and at the same time, pay for the service through online too. Since the parcel would just be collected from your preferred address, all in all, the entire process is convenient and hassle free.
  • Choose a company that provides guaranteed days of delivery and one that is accurate with this delivery assurance. There are several courier companies but prefer one that has positive reviews from its customers.
  • If you want to get a manual courier quote instead of doing it online, all you need to do is call the courier company and find out how you could properly assisted.

Checklist Before Moving Into Apartments In Yangon Myanmar

The Asia Pacific Region is a big collection of nations which have their respective tourist destinations that have tourists, both local and foreign tourists, flocking into them every peak seasons. The tourism in tis busy part of the planet has always been up and active owing to the fact that each member of the region can offer something unique in terms of vast history, deep culture, or beautiful beaches which will make you feel like you’re in a paradise elsewhere. Now, one of the countries in Asia which you should consider for your next vacation is Myanmar, specifically the city of Yangon. For starters, Yangon is considered as the largest city in the country. Due to its being a former colony of Great Britain, you can see some familiar British architectural structures in the city to blend in with the modernized high-rising buildings around the city. For tourist who are working on a very limited vacation budget, there are a great number of budget-friendly apartments in Yangon Myanmar which you can stay in both for a short period and long term stay.


Now, let’s say that you are going to work in the city of Yangon for a long period of time and you need a room in one of those apartments in Yangon Myanmar. You always have to keep in mind that in choosing which apartment you will choose, your comfort and safety are two important factors you should consider because like it or not, transferring from one apartment to another can be really expensive not to mention, the hassle that comes with it. Below are some of the things you must check before you move in any of the apartments in Yangon Myanmar:

  • Conduct general checks both in the inside and outside of the apartment that you are considering. Make sure that the building doesn’t have any signs that it has been infested by insects or rodents. Check the functionality of power outlets in the room.
  • The next step you should do is to ensure your safety while inside the apartment. Make sure that there’s a fire extinguisher visible in any part of the building. Also, look for the fire escape.

Amidst A Field Of Roses

Home decorations can be a bit of a pain. Everyone loves working on their house; trying to make it look as good and unique as they can possibly make it. On my end, I’ve been looking around for a good canvas print to put in my house. I’ve always been the anxious type of person; always finding some insignificant bit of minutiae to fuss over. Wisely, I’ve been looking for something relaxing to gaze into whenever the whim struck me.

I’ve found a few that were quite nice, but something bugged me a bit. The prints were beautiful, make no mistake, but something inside me instinctively refused them. I wasn’t sure what the issue was, but I knew I could not simply choose ignoring this feeling. Home, after all, is where the heart is, and if my heart felt off, then it wouldn’t work. So I decided to search for an image to use in my canvas print.
That particular endeavor didn’t take long, fortunately, I knew what I was looking for. I found this picture of a field of purple flowers bathed in sunset light. I’m not entirely sure what flowers they are specifically, all I know is that I’ve always found purple flowers appealing. I’m particularly fond of orchid and lavender.

Admittedly, this image didn’t look all that different from the many canvas prints you could go and find in a shop or online. Honestly, it made me wonder why I went through all that effort to go and look for the damn thing. Anyway, I shrugged, acknowledging the fact that it was my decision.

That’s when it hit me.

This photo I found, was my choice. It was going to hang in my house.

See, that’s the important thing. When deciding something for your home, it has to be your decision. People can suggest something, but it ultimately comes down to you. If you share a house with your family, then they can contribute, but I digress. The point is, when you decorate your home, when you alter it, it has to be your choice; it is your house, after all.

Why Have A Vacation In Pattaya?

With more than 5 million visitors each year, Pattaya is the biggest tourist destination of Thailand, after Bangkok.

So, you might ask why?

It is the nightlife capital of the country! But, there is a lot more to it. It is Thailand’s biggest beach resort that has the driest weather found in the east coast. There are also numerous great restaurants, amazing shopping and tons of attractions. Aside from this, Pattaya is cheap, too. So, it is not a surprise that people go on a vacation in Pattaya.

The best and most popular time to visit Thailand is during the months of November to March. However, this can also mean rates are doubled.

You can opt to go anytime from May to August. Although it rains, it is still pleasant most times of the day.

There are various accommodation options in Pattaya from budget to luxury, and it totally depends on your preference. But, to note, the luxury hotels in the country are some of the best in the world.

Things to do in Pattaya

Aside from Pattaya having a really great nightlife because of its 1,000 clubs and bars, there are many things to do here. This is just the top four.

The Sanctuary of Truth – This is a very beautiful handcrafted temple that is made completely from wood, without any nails. The wood carvings are intricately detailed they are going to leave you breathless.

The Tiffany Show – You will have such a wonderful time here! The cabaret has energy, style and fabulous performances.

Floating Market – Amazing. This place is such a wonder! There are wooden houses set in the water, and it is offers unbelievable bargains on handcrafts and Thai food.

Koh Larn – You can charter a boat to this island to discover jaw dropping beaches you will ever see in your lifetime.

Summing up

It will not be a surprise if you wouldn’t want to leave Pattaya after a few days of being here. And, if you love it so much, there are great condo for sale in Pattaya available in the market if you want to have a vacation home in this resort town.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Condo In Bangkok

If you are a foreigner and planning to buy a condo in Bangkok then you might be in for a challenge as there are many laws that safeguard Thai properties to make sure they are not acquired by foreigners who are not permanent residents of the country. Foreigners must keep in mind that according to Thai law, they can only own up to 49 per cent of a property and nothing more. With this law, it also implies that it is not possible for a foreigner to own either a house or a lot. What they can do is to purchase a condo if they desire. A foreigner has the right to purchase more than one unit as long as the remaining 51 per cent is still under a Thai nationals’ name.

  • Before purchasing, there must be a written as well as verbal agreement to ensure that the condo is purchased under freehold and not leasehold which will entail that the property is not entirely yours. Check all the papers and make sure there will be no trouble coming from previous agreements or lease made with the unit.
  • When you are purchasing a condo in Thailand, your bank account must have enough currency of the country which is in baht. Before making any purchase, make sure to convert enough dollars into baht to have a hassle free process.
  • Everything must be written in order to have proof in case of misunderstanding. A lawyer is also necessary to be the mediator between the two parties and to make sure everything is done legally. Make sure the lawyer check the papers and the agreement. This will save you a lot of trouble and money in the future.
  • Ask your lawyer regarding the effect of the purchase on your taxes. This will ensure that you will not be burdened with a lot of taxes in the long run.
  • Last, make sure to hire a lawyer before undergoing any process. It is also best to consult professionals such as Find Thai Property to have an insight on the condo you are planning to purchase.
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