A Brief Glimpse Into The History Of Hellfire Pass In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand with its waterfalls and national parks. For most tourists, the main reason for their visit is ช่องเขาขาดกาญจนบุรี that was built by prisoners of war and men and women labourers who were forced to suffer harsh conditions that resemble hell. A museum was built as a memorial to those who have suffered and died during the construction of the railway.

Former Prisoner of War J.G. Tom Morris can be credited for the preservation of the Hellfire Pass. After touring the area, he convinced the Australian government to preserve certain portions of the Thai-Burma Death Railway as historical site. As a result of his efforts, Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum was built.

In 1984, the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) was commissioned to make a survey and choose a suitable site for the museum. After most of the ground work was completed, the reports were submitted to the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce in 1985. The development of the museum and the preservation of Hellfire Pass is a joint effort of the Thailand and Australian governments. As part of the experience, a visitor can pass through the cutting itself and along a section of the former railway track bed.

The Hellfire Pass along Tenasserim Hills was considered as the most difficult portion of the line to build. When it was built, there were no modern construction tools. That portion was the largest rock cutting section of the railway. It was easier to build a tunnel instead of cutting but it can only be constructed at two ends at any one time whereas cutting could be done at all points simultaneously. Australians, Dutch, British and other prisoners of war had to work for 18 hours a day in order to build the cutting.

Since the railway was not build for lasting permanence, the line is now only in service from Bangkok to Nan Tok Sai Yok Noi. If you are planning to visit ช่องเขาขาดกาญจนบุรี, you can take the bus from Non Tok Sai Yok Noi to Kanchanburi then take another bus to the museum.

How To Make The Thailand Holiday Exciting For Children

The best family bonding moments are usually experienced when the family takes a holiday. One of the best options for family holidays is child-friendly family resort in Phuket that overlooks the Andaman Sea and pristine white beaches. Parents certainly want some much needed relaxing time while the kids explore the hotel surrounds.

Travelling with children in tow is different from the last holiday that you spent with friends. When there are children, it is important to consider their comfort and entertainment. Children can easily succumb to boredom if there is nothing in place to attract their attention. Always be prepared with the following tips so that the holiday will be an exciting experience for the family.

  • Children will not appreciate a 4-hour layover. Your best option is to get a direct flight even if it means paying a few extra dollars.
  • Choose flight schedules according to the children’s comfort. If possible, time the arrival before the children’s bedtime. It would be difficult for the children to handle if you arrive in Phuket at 2am.
  • After an extremely tiring flight, the children will prefer to relax in the hotel grounds, swimming pool or lounge. Do not schedule a trip to the shopping mall the day after you arrive; allow the children to regain their energy and interest to explore.
  • Allow for a few days of adjustment. The weather in Thailand might be different to what your children are accustomed to.
  • Schedule only 1 big activity daily and allow the children to relax in the afternoon. Make sure to plan the exploration in the morning and leave the afternoon for rest.
  • Save the shopping trip for the last day of your vacation or when the kids have adjusted to the temperature and culture. This will prevent a frustrating experience for the family.

If you are staying in a family resort in Phuket, you can expect special assistance from the staff. Thais are great with kids and they can be trusted to look after the children if you want to enjoy some relaxing moments at the spa. Since there are gaming rooms available, you can ask a staff to supervise them.

Amenities Provided By Luxury Resort In Kanchanburi

Kanchanburi is a beautiful city located at the confluence of two rivers of Thailand, Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai. The city is famous for the bridge over the Kwai River and the death railway started during the world war ll. The place is famous among the foreign visitors and backpackers for its chilled out river vie and the presence of beautiful parks and national parks.

The tourists who prefer the chilled out province to the touristy and maddening Bangkok can book their stay at the luxury resort Kanchanburi, which provides modern amenities amidst pure luxury. The beautiful resort is located by the side of River Kwai and has a serene peaceful atmosphere.

The five star luxury resort Kanchanburi has a large salt water swimming for the guests to relax and take a cool dip. There is a separate kid’s pool for children to enjoy splashing the cool water. Guests can attend the various classes conducted by trainers at the swimming pool like water Taichi and water aerobics.

The tranquil resort has a world- class spa which provides modern healing treatments. Enjoy the traditional Thai massage after a hectic day of site seeing the historical monuments and the beautiful nature parks around the resort. The herbal products and organic scrubs used in the treatments are exotic.

The beautiful and tranquil luxury resort Kanchanburi also boasts of a fully equipped modern health club and fitness centre. The trainers at the health club teach kickboxing, yoga and cross-training to the guests. Guests can opt for personal training sessions with the qualified trainers at the gym and enjoy working out at the luxurious gym located amidst nature.

The beautiful and expansive luxury resort Kanchanburi has five different restaurants to satisfy the cravings of guests. The restaurants provide a variety of cuisines ranging from authentic Thai cuisine, Western cuisine and continental cuisine. The five beautifully done dining spaces are located near the lobby and by the riverside. The wine bar has a retro look and serves a selection of fine, well-aged wines and cocktails. The bar has private Karaoke rooms to enjoy with friends and family. All these world-class modern amenities and the warm Thai hospitality make this resort my preferred destination to book stay at Kanchanburi.

Tips To Select A Perfect Exterior Colour For A Home

The exterior painting of a home is very important aspect that affects its curb value.  Exterior paints give a character to the home and improves the aesthetic looks. It is very important to select a proper painter to do the exterior paint to get a perfect finish and look.

There are a number of professional exterior painters in Sydney, who offer perfect solutions for your painting needs. I have some tips to choose a perfect colour for the exterior of a home:

  • If you have a home in a defined architectural style like Victorian or Cape Cod, choose a colour that goes well with that style. Many of the exterior painters in Sydney have designers to guide you through the colour selection process.
  • Always consider the colours on the other houses in the neighbourhood. Do not select any colour that stands out from the rest and looks like an eyesore. Some neighbourhoods have covenants about the exterior paints to be used by homeowners. Make yourself aware of any such restrictions. The exterior of your home should blend well with the neighbours.
  • Create a harmony with other elements in the surroundings. The exterior paints should match well with the colour of the roof and the overall surroundings of the house. Select a colour scheme that blends well with the other natural surroundings present around the house.
  • Choose UV resistant colours for your exteriors. They attract less heat and keep the house cool. Choose light colours, if you want the home to appear big in comparison to other houses in the neighbourhood.
  • Choose darker shades to highlight the unique architectural features of a house. But be careful to get a protective coat done on the darker colours, as they tend to fade quickly if exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • Always consider the number of colours to be used depending upon the style of your home. Use of too many colours may appear too garish and using too few colours may give a dull appearance. Reputed Exterior painters in Sydney offer free consultations to the clients to know about their requirements and offer advice on how to pick the right exterior colours that enhance the aesthetics of a home.

Chiang Mai Travel Tips

Heading for Thailand? If you’ve already got your booking for a boutique resort in Chiang Mai, then you’re well on your way to one of Thailand’s cultural centres, and the hotspot for travellers on the northern end of the country.

If you’re headed there, these tips might be of some use to you.

  • Eat local.
    • Chiang Mai is known for having some of the country’s best street found, with dishes costing around 25-50 THB. If you’re looking for a restaurant, take note that they cost 80THB for a main course with drink. Eat local foods, because Western cuisine starts off at 170 THB, and only gets more expensive from there. Beers from bars cost 60 THB, whilst just hopping over to the nearest convenience store will cost half that.
  • It’s a bargain.
    • The markets of Chiang Mai are a bargainer’s home turf. Markets generally give out high first prices, since the place is a shopping destination, so get ready to haggle and, if need be, walk away from bad transactions.
  • Is it in the budget?
    • If you’re aiming for the lowest spending, you’ll be staying at hostels, rarely eating at restaurants, if ever, and going for street food, and using the local songthaew (pick-up trucks that act as shared taxis). Doing that will put your budget at around 1000THB, but if you’re eating in restaurants, or staying in a boutique resort in Chiang Mai, then expect costs to go up. As always, have some money set aside for emergencies.
  • The more the merrier.
    • There are two ways to save reduce on costs with friends. First is by booking group excursions; booking things like day tours or cooking classes as a group can cut down on costs since the price per head gets chopped down. Another is with Uber rideshares. Uber is already a cheaper alternative to the local taxis for those not willing to pay for one or wait for a bus. The Uber Pool option lets people share rides to cut down on costs. If you don’t have friends to travel with, don’t be afraid to make new ones, not just to lighten the load on your wallet, but to also meet new people and experience new things.

4 Benefits Of Co Working Space In Bangkok

You can practically work on a report anywhere. You can do it in your room if you are booked in a hotel or even in your office. However, for a better working experience, you might as well get into a co working space in Bangkok where working has never been more comfortable and inspiring. Here are some benefits of the place.

Conducive working environment

The good thing about getting into a co working space is that, all the guests are there for the same reason; to work. Which is why you can expect for everyone to behave the way they want others to behave in the common working space. This results to a conducive and professional working environment for everyone who are in aco working space in Bangkok or in similar areas in Thailand.

Business facilities

When doing your official or professional activities in a co working space, you won’t have to worry about important facilities such as Wi-Fi connection, power outlets and even printing and other essentials offered in business centres because you can have it in the area. You also get to stay in a comfortable lounge where you can also have your snacks and beverages and you can have them for free if you stay at the area for certain hours.

Exclusive discounts

If you are a co working space user, you can get 10% discount on food and beverages at the area and another 10% discount if you are going to book for room accommodations.  Not all hotels offer co working space and even those with co working space offers a limited number of hours for the service. In other hotels, they only offer 10AM to 4PM or 8AM to 5PM use of the area.

Amazing Bangkok view

One of the things that makes co working space in Bangkok a conducive place to work in aside from its ambiance is the amazing view it offers. Being in a sky rise building, you get to have a better view of downtown Bangkok and its surrounding area. You can easily rest your eyes and look at the horizon after staring too long at your computer.

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