What To Avoid When Booking A Hotel

If you’re looking to travel, or planning a trip there’s one key step that demands absolute scrutiny: booking a hotel. Makes sense, seeing as the hotel is where you’ll be staying, and you’ll be paying for it by the day, so there’s a lot of deliberation to go through when choosing a hotel.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable hotel in Bangkok or something else in another location entirely, booking the right hotel can make or break the experience of traveling.

Here are some of the things to never do when booking a hotel.

  • Forgetting to check the hotel location
    • Say you’re looking for an affordable hotel in Bangkok, and you find one and book it immediately without checking where it is exactly. Then you get there and it’s nowhere where you want it to be, it’s hard to access the transport or worse, both. Or maybe, it might be close to where you want it to be, but next to a highway. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to check the exact location, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.
  • Didn’t go through reviews first.
    • If you skip the review sites, you won’t know as much as you should about a hotel, and that is a no-no. One of the best ways to get the most out of booking is to know as much about the hotel you’re booking, a point touched upon by the previous bullet. Consequently, skipping the review step will deprive you of very important knowledge.
  • Fail to ask ‘Is there an airport shuttle? ‘
    • Public transportation’s good and all, but when it comes to squeezing your way into a PUV to get to the airport, it might not be worth the hassle. There’s Uber and taxis, but that might cut into the budget. The best option, thankfully, is free. Sort of. Some hotels offer airport shuttles as part of the staying costs, and it’s quite convenient, and well-worth looking into.
  • Didn’t haggle.
    • Ok, not necessarily, haggle, but forget to check if there are any better rates. Maybe there’s a special offer, maybe there’s a promo or something like that. Present an open-ended inquiry to get them talking, and to get yourself some extra value.

Exploring Terminal 21 In Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its rich shopping scene and one of the most talked about shopping center in the city is Terminal 21. Foreign tourists who are planning to do a shopping spree should book a hotel near Terminal 21 in order to be close to it and other shopping spots. Visiting Terminal 21 will make you feel that you have travelled to different cities including Paris, Rome and Tokyo. The establishment opened back in 2011 and since then it was dubbed as a shopping paradise by locals and foreigners. The mall’s concept follows that of an airport’s departure area and shoppers will be able to visit different cities in every level.

Inside the mall are 600 stores with over 50 restaurants as well as cafes. The size alone can be jaw-dropping, not to mention the huge escalators. It is easy to get confuse with the size of the mall but this simple guide will help you navigate it with ease.

The lowest level is level B and it only houses a small florist shop and a UPS shop. If you are not sending any package or buying flowers, you can go ahead to the next floor which is LG Caribbean. This level is where you will find most banks and food shops including Mos Burger, coffee shops and BreadTalk. For Western options, there are A & W and Subway. There is also a gourmet market and grocery store on level LG.

Level G is Rome which offers branded clothing such as Fox, Guess and Jaspal. This is where the exchange currency shops are and the help desk is also on this floor if you want to access the free Wi-Fi. Level M is Paris and this is dedicated to beauty products from brands such as The Body Shop and Mac. This floor has the brands H & M and Victoria’s Secret. This is where you can ride the giant escalator that leads to the next level.

Level 1 is Tokyo and focuses on women’s clothing while Level 2 is London dedicated for men. Level 3 Istanbul has random categories of products for sale. Level 4 and 5 are both San Francisco while the top floor is Bangkok where the best food court is located called Pier 21. Make sure to print this guide and book a hotel near Terminal 21 in order to make the most of your visit here.

Tips To Find The Best Hotels In Inverness

If you are planning to visit United Kingdom, any time soon, the first thing that you would probably look for is where you can stay during the holiday. You have the option to stay with friends but to avoid the hassles, you can just book at the best hotels in Inverness to stay close to the city and discover its beauty.You can find a lot of luxury hotels in Inverness but if you are in the city for sight-seeing and for visiting its tourists spots, choose one that is located at the heart of the city . If you have already considered a hotel, find out where it is located and if it is accessible to through local transportation. Aside, from that, here are some tips to book at the right hotel.

Look at the accommodation options

One thing that will add to your memorable and enjoyable stay in a city is the hotel where you are going to book your stay. Search for a hotel that offers the type of accommodation that meets your requirements and at the same time, your budget. If you want to relax and stay at the hotel more, look for a hotel with more entertainment facilities such as WiFi connectivity, indoor swimming pool and TV with satellite channels. However, if you intend to go out more and visit tourist spots in the city, choose a standard rooms with great amenities but are more affordable.

Consider the hotel’s facilities and services

To complete your holiday, book at the best hotels in Inverness, with exciting and relaxing amenities that would make your stay at Inverness a truly rejuvenating one. Look for a hotel with a swimming pool, a treatment and wellness spa, a fitness centre, loungebar and other facilities that promote recreational activities.

High rated hotel

When looking for a great hotel where you can stay in Inverness, choose one that is well reputed to be the best hotels in Inverness with high rating from its customers and reputable hospitality review body. Book from a hotel with positive testimonials and is certified and awarded by hospitality organizations.

Why Hotels Should Offer Free Wi-Fi

People who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life usually book a hotel room in order to relax and unwind. It does not mean that they want to be completely disconnected from the outside world thus they prefer a hotel that offers free wifi. This is true for tourists as well. Guests who are travelling to the capital city of Thailand prefer to stay in free wifi hotel in Bangkok because they can keep their loved ones and friends updated while they travel.

According to a recent study, majority of guests are not willing to stay in hotels that charge a fee in order to access their wifi connection. In today’s age, an internet connection is considered as a big part of our daily lives thus when booking an accommodation, it is expected to come as a free amenity. Not many are willing to pay extra for wifi and it is unusual for a hotel with no internet connection at all.

In a poll conducted, free wifi tops as the most important amenity in a hotel. Why should hotels have free wifi?

  • A hotel experience will not be a good one if it does not have free wifi. Guests will not be able to contact their loved ones and friends in case of emergencies since they are staying in a foreign country. Updating ones social media account is also a part of our daily lives and it will not be possible to do so without an internet.
  • Online jobs are very common nowadays. Hotels are not only accommodating business travelers nowadays but also people who are working while they are travelling the world. Business travelers and remote workers will more likely book a hotel that offers fast and free wifi service as they will be able to do their job while enjoying at the same time. They don’t have to find co-working spaces and spend extra money just to be able to work.
  • The internet is a pool of endless information. Travelers will be able to search for things about a certain country, top tourists attractions and how to get around the city if they have free wifi hotel in Bangkok thus making things easier for them and travelling will be more convenient.

Three of Bangkok’s The Hidden Riverside Boutique Hotel

Bangkok is renown as a cultural and shopping haven, with something in store for everyone. It has eccentric cafes, wonderful nightlife, and incredibly gratifying street shopping. Here you’ll experience the best of life.  You’ll also find the hidden riverside boutique hotel, which are many in Bangkok.

Visitors coming to Bangkok have no need to spend thousands of dollarsjust to stay on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. There are cheap hotels to adorable guesthouses to book an accommodation. Sohere are the most budget-friendly places to stay in Bangkok along the water.

  • Inn a Day

Sure, you can always stay in the hidden riverside boutique hotel for a luxurious experience. Here at Inn a Day Hotel, you can soothe yourself with its fascinating concept, where the rooms are themed according to the time of day. You are sure that each room has a unique ambience of its own. Room rates start at $101 per night, with its spectacular view of Wat Arun, which is proudly right across the river.

  • Royal River Hotel Bangkok

You can spend a honeymoon here by pampering your loved one on a spacious luxurious suite at the Royal River Hotel Bangkok. The suites with a gorgeous river view is priced at US$83++ per night. Here you can get a gigantic bed on a raised platform and sleep like a king or queen. It’s also complete with a personal dining area.

  • New Siam Riverside

New Siam Guest House was first opened in 1984 as a small guesthouse near Khao San Road. Today, you can choose between five different guesthouses, one of which is right on the Chao Phraya River. The hidden riverside boutique hotel is a fabulous place to stay for those who want a perfect view of the river. The guesthouse is located near the Phra Pin Klao Bridge, making it easy to get from one side of the river to the next. The budget-friendly hotel has amenity of a pool just walking distance from the magnificent Phra Sumen Fort, where rooms start at about US$43.

So there you go – the suggested budget-friendly hotels you can book in and enjoy your stay in this gorgeous city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Benefits Of Staying At 5-Star Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City

In case most of you haven’t noticed because you’re too glued to your daily work, majority of the tourism industries around the world are enjoying a surge as of late when can be attributed to the sudden increase of tourists who are visiting various tourist destination in different countries around the world. In addition to this, this significant surge can also be connected to the fact that there are new budget-friendly airline companies that are emerging, giving more passengers the golden chance to fly around the world without burning a big hole in their respective savings accounts. You see, the strengthening competition in the airline industry has forced several airline companies to adjust their rates or to offer more packages which can help them attract a higher number of passengers to fly through them. Also, service providers who belong in the tourism industry such as 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, are improving their respective services and consistently updating their amenities which can meet the growing demands of vacationists for a satisfying stay. Hotels play a vital role in sustaining the success of the tourism industry in any given country because they serve as the home of international tourists who are visiting the said country.

If you’re someone who is as rich as Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne and you enjoy spending a big amount of money, staying at any of the 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City is ideal for you because of the great benefits you will enjoy that will give you an accommodation experience like no other. Below are some of the said benefits:

  • One of the benefits which are commonly enjoyed vacationists at a 5-star hotel is the high-quality standard of comfort that the hotels are offering. They always choose the best beds to ensure that guests will have a good night sleep every single time. Housekeeping teams are properly trained to make sure that every room is clean.
  • Another benefit of staying at a 5-star hotel is that you will be able to enjoy superior services inside the hotel whether it’s laundry service, room service or even, the food that are served at the hotel’s in-house restaurant.