Tips To Select A Perfect Exterior Colour For A Home

The exterior painting of a home is very important aspect that affects its curb value.  Exterior paints give a character to the home and improves the aesthetic looks. It is very important to select a proper painter to do the exterior paint to get a perfect finish and look.

There are a number of professional exterior painters in Sydney, who offer perfect solutions for your painting needs. I have some tips to choose a perfect colour for the exterior of a home:

  • If you have a home in a defined architectural style like Victorian or Cape Cod, choose a colour that goes well with that style. Many of the exterior painters in Sydney have designers to guide you through the colour selection process.
  • Always consider the colours on the other houses in the neighbourhood. Do not select any colour that stands out from the rest and looks like an eyesore. Some neighbourhoods have covenants about the exterior paints to be used by homeowners. Make yourself aware of any such restrictions. The exterior of your home should blend well with the neighbours.
  • Create a harmony with other elements in the surroundings. The exterior paints should match well with the colour of the roof and the overall surroundings of the house. Select a colour scheme that blends well with the other natural surroundings present around the house.
  • Choose UV resistant colours for your exteriors. They attract less heat and keep the house cool. Choose light colours, if you want the home to appear big in comparison to other houses in the neighbourhood.
  • Choose darker shades to highlight the unique architectural features of a house. But be careful to get a protective coat done on the darker colours, as they tend to fade quickly if exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • Always consider the number of colours to be used depending upon the style of your home. Use of too many colours may appear too garish and using too few colours may give a dull appearance. Reputed Exterior painters in Sydney offer free consultations to the clients to know about their requirements and offer advice on how to pick the right exterior colours that enhance the aesthetics of a home.

Natural Ways To Prevent Spider Infestation In The Home

Australia is home to many highly venomous spiders whose bites are extremely painful. Even if most spiders that enter the home do not have dangerously toxic venom, nobody wants them. Fortunately, pest control in Sydney has natural remedies designed to eradicate spiders without harming humans and pets.

However, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to pest control. Spiders are not actually considered enemies like termites and rodents but their sting is painful. You certainly do not want to be surprised by a large arachnid dropping on your arm while you are fixing the curtains.

It is very likely to find spiders in the garden and around the home. If you are threatened by spiders, make your own natural spider repellent spray by mixing water with peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil and apple cider. The mixture can be applied in places where you found spiders. However, always be cautious about using this homemade repellent because oils can stain your carpets, upholstery and linens.

Spiders do not like citrus scents and you will never go wrong using orange peels to drive them away. Orange peels are the best but you can also use the peels of lemons and grapefruits. You have to cut the peels into quarter-inch chunks then put them into a container that can handle boiling water. Pour at least half a cup of boiling water over half of the chunks and leave them to soak overnight.

In the morning, strain the chunks and add ¼ cup of witch hazel to the water. The mixture can be placed on a spray bottle. The remaining chunks of orange peel can be crushed to release the citrusy scent. The mixture can be applied in places that spiders frequently visit like cabinets and under the sinks.

According to pest control in Sydney, the most effective way to prevent spiders from infesting the home is to get rid of clutter. Windows must not be broken and doors must be properly sealed. Make sure to dispose trash and leftover food properly. Clean all traces of cobwebs away to prevent spiders from building a web and breeding.

Pros And Cons Of A Home Alarm System

Nowadays, you can protect your home even while you are away for work or holiday through installing a home alarm system by professional companies such as SMS Security. It can protect your home and your loved ones while they are sleeping or busy with house works. Majority of these systems are easy to use and can be operated by people inside the house. There are many benefits that come with a safety alarm system but it can also be disadvantageous especially if the homeowners forget to set up their alarms properly or if they choose to install a cheap system on their own.

The major advantage of having a home alarm system is that it can help prevent crimes. People with bad intentions are more likely to stop their plans of intruding a house if they see that it is equipped with a home alarm system. Though deactivating the alarm might be an option for them, it is not worth risking since majority of providers set up the alarm systems in a way that authorities will be notified right away of unauthorized use or entry. You can place signs or stickers outside the house to let them know that your property is equipped with alarm system.

Another advantage is that home alarm systems are connected to a monitoring center so authorities know right away. You don’t have to inform the police or the fire department because they will be sent a notification right away. If the alarm is not linked to a monitoring system, this will make loud noises to send a warning to the homeowners.

There are two major types of a home security system – wireless and wired. Main disadvantage with a wireless system is that it needs batteries in order to function. Its location must also be close to the control hub. With a wired system, the disadvantage is the installation is not so easy and a professional installer, such as SMS Security, is needed most of the time. It is not as flexible as a wireless alarm system because the wires are liming the systems.

How To Create Feature Walls In Brisbane?

You can initiate feature walls in Brisbane into any part of your house as it totally depends on your personal preference. However, you need to choose the best location to create an impact and draw an attention to the room once you enter it.

Once you’ve finally decided on the location, you will need to consider the materials to use, such as wall coverings, which can start and end with a wallpaper or paint depending on your taste.


The simplest way to design a feature wall in Brisbane is with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a fairly neutralcolour scheme which makes the easiest choice. Just choose a colour that will complement your furnishing and style. Never be apprehensive to become bolder. If you feel you are adventurous, create an impact by painting with vertical stripes in various sizes. Ensure that it will surely complement your décor.


You can add light coloured wallpaper to create an impact even if you want to keep your room fairly neutral. You may also choose a luxurious wallpaper combined with bold prints, rich colours and touchable textures to create a real statement in the space. Don’ hesitate to use your creativity when it comes to choices of wallpapers.

Other Materials

You can go experimental and try to be adventurous. Try to use nice coverings made of woven leather, metallic, lavish silks, dried grasses or bamboo. Reclaimed wood panels look great in a bedroom when placed at the back of headboards. You may also want to use coloured tiles behind the shower area or sink in the bathroom. Your room will also look great with pre-printed wall murals.

Make Your Own Design

The feature walls in Brisbane are not only about wall coverings. They are there to create an impact into your space. You can hang a nice piece of artwork or probably an oversized canvas on the wall to catch the attention of your visitors.

To make a real statement using your creativity and personality, you may need to consider your budget. You don’t have to spend more by using your most creative ideas. Sometimes a touch of paint can make a difference!

How Pest Control In Sydney Can Get Rid Of Pest Infestations?

A house no matter how long it stands is often susceptible to pest breeding. Even the plants seen outdoors cannot avoid being infested with pests. Pests may be tiny as you see it, but they can trigger destruction when not treated properly. This is why you need pest control in Sydney to keep your home safe and comfortable to live in.

For those who are unfamiliar on what pests are, you need to be aware of what they can do. They can be parasites carrying harmful diseases. They can feed on garbage, especially when the bins are not left empty. They destroy clothes, furniture and everything within the premises. And they can weaken the foundation of your home, especially when they create cracks in walls.

Pests can cause major damages in many homes, that’s why you need pest control in Sydney for protection. There are those who assume that pests can be insects, but they can do anything. Well known pests existing in the environment are termites, ants, weevils, wasps, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, weeds, cockroaches, silverfish, booklice, fleas, borers and carpet beetles.

When you initiate a pest control operation, you have the option to do it yourself by using pesticides. However, you can always resort to services from professionals to make the job done well. You may think that pesticides can really cure the infestation, but not all chemicals can do wonders to your home. To know that they are properly done, you may want to ask the professional how it can really treat the infestation. When the house is unclean and messy, this is where termites and other forms of pests can infiltrate and do damages to your home. That’s why you need to check your house regularly.

The Signs of Having Pests in Your Home

If your house has lots of holes in floors and walls, it’s positive that they can be rats and mice around. A pest infested house will often have a continuous nasty smell inside. There will also be greasy tracks on your floors and walls. If you have an eaten out furniture, it’s also likely that there can be termites dwelling on it.

These are clear indications that your home can be infested with pests, so contact a pest control in Sydney to avoid further damages. It’s really all about the high quality service they render to your home. So choose a company that best suits your budget and preference.

How To Find A Reliable Electrician In Perth

At some point, you would need the services of an electrician in Perth for electrical job or installation and when you do, it would be best to have a service provider that you can call for a faster resolution of the issue. If you are not sure where to get some information on electricians in your area, here are some ideas.

Check the yellow pages

This might sound so traditional but the yellow pages remain to be one of the most reliable sources of information if you want to find a professional electrician in your area. The good thing about referring to yellow pages is that they are highly accessible and you can get information from them without the need for internet access. This way, you can easily find an electrician during emergencies. The downside of yellow pages is their information is limited. The only information you can get from yellow pages are the electrician’s contact information and specialization. There is no customer reviews or feedback including the service rate.

Friends or Neighbours

You can also find a reputable electrician in Perth by asking your friends or neighbours for electricians that they can recommend. Ask around if you have friends or neighbours who may have recently had their electrical system fixed and if they can recommend the service provider to you. A friend who may have recently constructed a house can most likely recommend their electrician to you. Find out if your friend was satisfied with the electrician’s service and if his rate was reasonable.

Search the internet

Another excellent source of electrician in Perth information is the internet. The good thing about internet searching is that you can get all your needed information about the electrician in a single page. You can get the electrician’s contact information, specialization, reviews or testimonials and even useful tips such as how you can save on your electric bill. With all the information you can find on the internet, online sources remains to be the most reliable choice when you want to hire an electrician. Online information is also accessible so long as you have internet access.

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