Fishy Food: Bangkok’s Seafood Stops

With so much water surrounding the country, you might think that finding good seafood in Thailand would be easy. It is. So if you’re looking for a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your meal.

But of course, with so many options, some people can’t decide. What do they call that problem? Paralysis of choice, or something like that. But I digress, the important thing is when you sit down for your seafood, you get the best.

So here are some good suggestions for some good Bangkok seafood.

  • Bangkok Seaview (Sahakon, Pak Kret District Nontahbur +66 408-02 4008)
    • The Bangkok Seaview offers its guests a unique dining experience. In order to get in, you go to the restaurant’s pier. Yes, pier. A boat will come every half or so to take you and other guests to the Seaview restaurant itself, 15 minutes away. On the way, the guests are treated to the scenic view. When you get to the restaurant, you eat right next to the water. The dishes here are meant for groups of people, with huge portions. The Bangkok Seaview is open every day except Monday, from 11AM to 7PM, whilst guests are welcome to stay and dine until 9.
  • Chinatown
    • Chinatown sure doesn’t have a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, but what it does have is authentic, traditional Thai seafood experience. Once you’ve got your meal in mind set, you buy it, then you can cook it yourself. Or, have a vendor cook it for you, your choice. Chinatown needs little, and offers little in the way of aesthetics and presentation. It just has good food.
  • Laemgate Infinite (Laemgate, SJ Infinite One Business Complex Rd, near MRT Exit 2
    • The Laemgate Infinite has been one of the places to visit for luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok for over 30 years now, and has just recently relocated to the SJ Infinite Tower’s 2nd floor. The restaurant offers a unique experience, with a bold theme that changes every six months, with the current theme being ‘Dancing Ocean’ featuring white flowers and verdant foliage contrasting with heavy red accents on the restaurant’s furniture. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, with buffet pricing starting at Bt 666.

Art In The Preparation And Presentation Of Japanese Food

The Japanese treat food preparation as an art. Even the simplest dishes are meticulously prepared and presented to ensure that it is an extremely delicious offering. It is very obvious that the Japanese are passionate about food with the way they invest efforts and time to proudly serve their local dishes. Good thing that there are Japanese restaurants even in cities like Bangkok that allows us a taste of the famous Japanese cuisine without the need to travel to the country.


Japan has four distinct seasons with each of the seasons providing an opportunity for delicious offerings. The diverse range of Japanese food is very evident in supermarkets, hotels, inns and restaurants where menus are consistently changed in order to reflect what is available for the season.

While it is indeed a struggle to name the countless varieties of seaweeds, fishes and mushrooms on the store shelves, there is no shortage of people who order the small dishes that contain as much as 12 artfully presented courses that are either steamed, grilled or simmered. On top of the list of the frequently ordered Japanese dishes is sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish like salmon or tuna served on top of shredded radish along with wasabi and soy sauce. In high end restaurants, the fresh tuna is prepared and served right before your very eyes.

Another traditional Japanese dish that is easily recognized all over the world is sushi which is a combination of Japanese rice, seaweeds, cucumber, vegetables and other fresh ingredients. There is a certain art in the preparation and presentation of sushi which reflects on the Japanese passion for traditional cuisine.

Japanese food has now reached a stage where it is available in different restaurants all over the world. There are Japanese-inspired restaurants that are certainly worth a second look because of the special Japanese menus that are served for lunch and dinner.

Eating in Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet is both about experience and food. Food is meticulously prepared to echo authentic flavours and capture the essence of Japan’s four seasons. The Japanese restaurant in Bangkok offers a unique experience with exceptionally good value, delicious food and great service.

How To Enjoy Chicken Wings In Bangkok

Chicken wings in Bangkok is one of the most popular dishes in restaurant and bar menus. Some of these chicken wings are also featured as best sellers and are usually the highlight of some themed bars and restaurants. Chicken wings come in various preparations; some are deep fried and marinated with special spices while some are prepared buffalo style while others are served hot and spicy. Surely, you will never run out of choices when it comes to chicken wings. However, there are more enjoyable ways to eat chicken. Here are some of them.

While watching your favourite sport

There are some bars that airs live sports shows show such UFC and football while sponsoring sports events such as NASCAR and golf tournaments. The best way to enjoy your favourite sports events is with your favourite drinks and buddies who share the same interest in sports. Sports events via satellite TV would be more enjoyable to watch while drinking beer and of course, while nibbling on sumptuous chicken wings in Bangkok. As you cheer with every score, you become oblivious of the chicken wings you have consumed including beer bottles. No matter how enjoyable the show gets, keep in mind the old reminder to drink moderately.

Have it with beer

On nights when you just want to hang out and enjoy the night away, chicken wings with beer can be the perfect pair for you. To enjoy loads of chicken wings without busting your wallet, look for deals such as happy hour or all wings you can eat at a more affordable price. Aside from chicken wings, beer also comes perfect with spare ribs and baby back ribs.

Share it with friends and loved ones

Chicken wings in Bangkok are not only perfect with beer, they can also be shared with family and friends for dinner along with other entrees. No matter what occasion, you can never go wrong with chicken wings. Whether there’s something to celebrate or you just want to dine out with close friends or your loved ones, a set of chicken wings will always be perfect.

Indian Cuisine For First Timers

It takes a lot of guts to try something you haven’t tried before and that includes any type of food. If you are expanding your horizon and wanting to try out other cuisines available in the market and around your area then that is good news. There are only some concerns especially for those who are trying out a brand new cuisine for the first time. If you have stayed in your comfort zone your whole life and only tried everything local then it might be a challenge.
The first question that would come to mind would be the dishes you will be ordering. This is an important matter because trying out something that isn’t quite as good as you expected might discourage you to try other dishes and other cuisine for that matter. There are some dishes with surprising ingredients that might make you cringe or spices that might surprise you in a way you haven’t expected. All of these are normal.
This guide is for people who are trying a new cuisine for the first time, particularly Indian cuisine. If you know someone who have tried Indian food before then it is best to go with them or ask their opinion. If you are going alone in this adventure then fear not for this guide will give you some tips on how to order for yourself.
The first dish one should try is the “Samosa”. This are what we commonly termed as pocket food or treats you can bring anywhere with you. For the Indian, this is the most common pocket food and is also known all over the south of Asia. Samosa is pastries that are either fried or baked. They are easily recognized because it is shaped as a triangle. The outer shell is made of flour which is both crispy and flaky while the inside is filled with differed vegetable such as onions, peas and potatoes, among others. It can be spicy or not so ask before ordering. For a first timer, it can be a great choice as an appetizer.
The second in line are chutney and raita. These are considered as dressings or sauce wherein one can dip the samosa but also used in other dishes. Chutney is available in both red and green. The red is made of tamarind which is why it is sweet and sour at the same time. The green is from coriander or mint. Raita is a sauce that is made of yogurt and is helpful when some dishes are too spicy for your taste.
The third but not the last dish you should try is the Saag paneer which will make any first timer love Indian food. It is similar to creamed spinach but with cheese cut into cubes. Aside from spinach, other vegetable are also in the mix. For first timers in Indian cuisine, look up

Bangkok Indian Restaurant, Gaggan, Tops Best 50 Asian Restaurant List 2015

The spicy yet flavorful dishes from India has definitely touched not only their locals, but also those who come from other nationalities. Proof of this are the rise of Bangkok Indian Restaurants that are now making a name for themselves in the world and in Indian Cuisine. One of the greatest achievements from this type of restaurants from Bangkok was the amazing rise of ‘Gaggan’, a Bangkok Indian Restaurant that ranked on the upper echelon of the Top 50 Best Asian Restaurant.

Last year, 2014, the restaurant was on the rank 3 in the same category; it showed further dedication and finally, it reached the pinnacle of the list. The other restaurants that followed it is a Japanese Restaurant, ‘Narisawa’ from Tokyo, and a Shanghai restaurant named ‘Ultraviolet’ – 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Bangkok Indian Restaurant, Gaggan, is a relatively new restaurant which just opened this 2010. Many restaurants have opened earlier than it did, but out of the sea of restaurants in Bangkok, it indefinitely rose and gave a more cemented reputation to the Indian food found in Thailand. The name of the restaurant came from its founder, Gaggan Anand. The restaurant is located in an exemplary and eye-catching, colonial-style house with white color – giving it a sophisticated and luxurious look.

Gaggan, 37 year-old chef and founder of this restaurant, is one of the leading faces when it comes to the ‘molecular-cuisine’, however, he insists that rather than that term, it should be called ‘progressive cuisine’. He further emphasized that he’s a chef, not a scientist.

The chef also shared that he noticed that the platform between major cuisines like French cuisine, is on a whole new level compared to Indian food. However, he proved that through hard work and some experimental procedures, he was able to create dishes that was on-par with this type of dishes, flattening the duel between Indian Cuisine and other famous type of cuisines.

There are also other superb restaurants that hit the top 50 that would definitely have you indulging in the tastiest and most flavorful foods. If you ever find yourself in Thailand, then the Bangkok Indian Restaurant, Gaggan, is surely a place you’d definitely love to visit.