Where To Eat Authentic Thai Cuisine In Bangkok

Many tourists from around the world desire to visit Bangkok, Thailand. Each year, a multitude of travellers come to this glittering city for business or vacation. One can be fascinated by the impressive blend of Asian culture combined with modernity. If you thought that Bangkok is all about spectacular Buddhist temples, the vibrant nightlife, and ancient historical structures, then you need to think again. Another pastime that Thais usually love is eating authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok in exquisite restaurants.

When you explore authentic Thai cuisines, you’ll be amazed at what Bangkok can offer. The amazing combination of flavours and aromas make the Thai cuisines widely popular around the world. If you want to treat yourself with authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok, the best place to be is this city alone. You can opt from among the many Thai restaurants that will surely fill your gastronomy.

If you prefer traditional and savoury spicy street food in Bangkok, the best place for tasting is at the Chinatown where posh Chinese restaurants and street stalls sell inexpensive food. Regardless of the budget, fill in your famished tummy with delectable Thai meals in this part of the city.

In Khao San Road, you also get to enjoy great food. There’s also the vibrant nightlife and some eateries that satisfy your savoury mouth. In Khao San are a variety of classy restaurants, inexpensive food stalls, shacks and cafes where you get to taste Thai and western food. This is actually the best place to find all types of Thai food from spicy curries to western comfort foods.

Another place that offers authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok is Ratchaprasong. Here is where you find a variety of culinary offerings. Whether you’rehere for delectable full course meals or quick snacks, there is something to find in Ratchaprasongrestaurants that will suit your taste buds.

No matter where you are in Bangkok, there will always be a restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok to savour your meals. The lovely city provides several eating options from luxury restaurants found in plush hotels, to food courts in shopping malls, and the cheapest street stalls.

Why You Should Contract Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing or processing is that method where you alter the ingredients into food or make it to form food. The food manufacturing techniques can include drying, salting, canning, fortifying, preserving, cooking and freezing. The way animal products are butchered and crops are harvested will produce the marketable food products, which are examples of food manufacturing. This is where you contract food manufacturing to provide ready meals that may simply need reheating before they are eaten. It’s now your chance to eat healthier and minimize risks of deadly illnesses.

Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of food manufacturing. If you contract food manufacturing, you’ll have an improved taste in your food, extended seasonal availability, and extended shelf-life. For instance, vegetables and fruits are only picked when they become ripe. If they are canned or frozen, they will last longer. The longer shelf lives minimize food waste and expendable foods are now brought to bigger areas.

Manufacturing the food will make it safer, thus minimizing instances of illnesses triggered by eating the food. For instance, many farm-based products contain possible deadly microorganisms, however, it can be eliminated through the manufacturing process. Processed food can also cater to those who are suffering from allergies.

One of the largest disadvantages of food manufacturing is losing a large amount of nutritional density of the food product. Although it may vary from product to product but the nutrients can be lost up to the fifth.

An instance on how nutrients can be lost is using heat to destroy the Vitamin C content in canned fruit. The manufacturing process will add unhealthy ingredients to enhance the taste. When these products are consumed, the individual’s taste buds become accustomed to the taste of refined sugar. With the high calorie content of the manufactured food, it may lead to obesity especially with the loss of nutrients.

For this reason, you need to contract food manufacturing industry and provide you with healthier foods to minimize obesity levels. With the healthier population, illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and cancer are minimized and pollution levels from pesticides and fertilizers are reduced.

What Happens Around The World During XmasIn July?

In the U.S., Xmas in July is more of a marketing tool to promote Christmas products earlier than the real Christmastime. However, in other parts of the world, they come with celebrations and festivals to commemorate the occasion. In Australia, the celebration revolves around Christmas dinner. As the real Christmas season is too hot in this country, the traditional heavy foods are eaten during Christmas in July. In fact, they feast over it during the 24th of July. The dinner is accompanied with Christmas decors like wreaths and candles. However, it may not be necessary to give gifts. Many restaurants there serve Christmas in July treats for patrons and catered events.

In Australia, the ski resorts provide special events to celebrate the Xmas in July as it is their peak season. Christmas decors are set up and snowmen are built. Dear old Santa is actually seen skiing down the slopes. The local restaurants serve roast turkey, ham, mince pies with plum pudding and all the traditional holiday meals that are enjoyed for the occasion.

At the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, Xmas in July has been commemorated for several years. Planes aren’t able to land at the airports due to bad weather and strong winds. What happens is the deliveries are parachuted down to the ice. This then started the July Christmas celebration as it reminded people that Old Saint Nicholas delivered his gifts from the sky.

In Copenhagen, a festival is commemorated in July as it is where the annual World Santa Clause Congress is held. Particularly in Bakken in Copenhagen, Denmark, they organize the Congress along with the Santa Clauses from Greenland. The Santa Claus in Greenland is the only organization in the world where Santa Clauses are recognized. Here, you’ll find hundreds of Santas from all over the world showcasing what they got just to fit in the spirit of Christmas. After that, the Santa Claus of the year is announced and he will be responsible for giving gifts at Xmas in July. He will also be supported by Mrs. Claus, his line of elves and reindeers. It’s a fun event that worldwide Santa Clauses meet.

Fishy Food: Bangkok’s Seafood Stops

With so much water surrounding the country, you might think that finding good seafood in Thailand would be easy. It is. So if you’re looking for a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your meal.

But of course, with so many options, some people can’t decide. What do they call that problem? Paralysis of choice, or something like that. But I digress, the important thing is when you sit down for your seafood, you get the best.

So here are some good suggestions for some good Bangkok seafood.

  • Bangkok Seaview (Sahakon, Pak Kret District Nontahbur +66 408-02 4008)
    • The Bangkok Seaview offers its guests a unique dining experience. In order to get in, you go to the restaurant’s pier. Yes, pier. A boat will come every half or so to take you and other guests to the Seaview restaurant itself, 15 minutes away. On the way, the guests are treated to the scenic view. When you get to the restaurant, you eat right next to the water. The dishes here are meant for groups of people, with huge portions. The Bangkok Seaview is open every day except Monday, from 11AM to 7PM, whilst guests are welcome to stay and dine until 9.
  • Chinatown
    • Chinatown sure doesn’t have a luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok, but what it does have is authentic, traditional Thai seafood experience. Once you’ve got your meal in mind set, you buy it, then you can cook it yourself. Or, have a vendor cook it for you, your choice. Chinatown needs little, and offers little in the way of aesthetics and presentation. It just has good food.
  • Laemgate Infinite (Laemgate, SJ Infinite One Business Complex Rd, near MRT Exit 2
    • The Laemgate Infinite has been one of the places to visit for luxury seafood buffet in Bangkok for over 30 years now, and has just recently relocated to the SJ Infinite Tower’s 2nd floor. The restaurant offers a unique experience, with a bold theme that changes every six months, with the current theme being ‘Dancing Ocean’ featuring white flowers and verdant foliage contrasting with heavy red accents on the restaurant’s furniture. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, with buffet pricing starting at Bt 666.

Art In The Preparation And Presentation Of Japanese Food

The Japanese treat food preparation as an art. Even the simplest dishes are meticulously prepared and presented to ensure that it is an extremely delicious offering. It is very obvious that the Japanese are passionate about food with the way they invest efforts and time to proudly serve their local dishes. Good thing that there are Japanese restaurants even in cities like Bangkok that allows us a taste of the famous Japanese cuisine without the need to travel to the country.


Japan has four distinct seasons with each of the seasons providing an opportunity for delicious offerings. The diverse range of Japanese food is very evident in supermarkets, hotels, inns and restaurants where menus are consistently changed in order to reflect what is available for the season.

While it is indeed a struggle to name the countless varieties of seaweeds, fishes and mushrooms on the store shelves, there is no shortage of people who order the small dishes that contain as much as 12 artfully presented courses that are either steamed, grilled or simmered. On top of the list of the frequently ordered Japanese dishes is sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish like salmon or tuna served on top of shredded radish along with wasabi and soy sauce. In high end restaurants, the fresh tuna is prepared and served right before your very eyes.

Another traditional Japanese dish that is easily recognized all over the world is sushi which is a combination of Japanese rice, seaweeds, cucumber, vegetables and other fresh ingredients. There is a certain art in the preparation and presentation of sushi which reflects on the Japanese passion for traditional cuisine.

Japanese food has now reached a stage where it is available in different restaurants all over the world. There are Japanese-inspired restaurants that are certainly worth a second look because of the special Japanese menus that are served for lunch and dinner.

Eating in Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet is both about experience and food. Food is meticulously prepared to echo authentic flavours and capture the essence of Japan’s four seasons. The Japanese restaurant in Bangkok offers a unique experience with exceptionally good value, delicious food and great service.

How To Enjoy Chicken Wings In Bangkok

Chicken wings in Bangkok is one of the most popular dishes in restaurant and bar menus. Some of these chicken wings are also featured as best sellers and are usually the highlight of some themed bars and restaurants. Chicken wings come in various preparations; some are deep fried and marinated with special spices while some are prepared buffalo style while others are served hot and spicy. Surely, you will never run out of choices when it comes to chicken wings. However, there are more enjoyable ways to eat chicken. Here are some of them.

While watching your favourite sport

There are some bars that airs live sports shows show such UFC and football while sponsoring sports events such as NASCAR and golf tournaments. The best way to enjoy your favourite sports events is with your favourite drinks and buddies who share the same interest in sports. Sports events via satellite TV would be more enjoyable to watch while drinking beer and of course, while nibbling on sumptuous chicken wings in Bangkok. As you cheer with every score, you become oblivious of the chicken wings you have consumed including beer bottles. No matter how enjoyable the show gets, keep in mind the old reminder to drink moderately.

Have it with beer

On nights when you just want to hang out and enjoy the night away, chicken wings with beer can be the perfect pair for you. To enjoy loads of chicken wings without busting your wallet, look for deals such as happy hour or all wings you can eat at a more affordable price. Aside from chicken wings, beer also comes perfect with spare ribs and baby back ribs.

Share it with friends and loved ones

Chicken wings in Bangkok are not only perfect with beer, they can also be shared with family and friends for dinner along with other entrees. No matter what occasion, you can never go wrong with chicken wings. Whether there’s something to celebrate or you just want to dine out with close friends or your loved ones, a set of chicken wings will always be perfect.

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