The Pros Of Honeymooning At An All Inclusive Adult Resort

Marriage is a journey. And in this journey, you and your spouse will face many difficult challenges together. One extreme failure can doom your union. However, with loyalty, commitment and respect, you’d get to grow together and make true of your vows to each other. Once you have said your vows, placed the ring on your fingers and kissed, you will now be forever bound together whether you stay together or not. So why not start your journey beautifully because good beginnings could influence great endings.

Make your honeymoons more memorable by having it take place at an all-inclusive luxury resort. By doing so, you and your spouse are sure to have fun, enjoy, relax and create beautiful memories together. Here are the pros of staying at an all inclusive resort.


If you go for all inclusive resorts, you don’t have to worry about anything. All of the basics would be covered from rooms, meals to onsite activities. For most people, budgets are very important. With all inclusive resorts, if you pay upfront, you’d be able to stick within your designated budget. Probably one of the best advantages of all-inclusive resorts is that you will be provided with the comfort of peace. There will be no screaming kids that would bother your relaxing moments with your spouse. All inclusive resorts also often come with exceptional and breathtaking sceneries and landscapes, beaches and pools. They even have something for your private pleasures such as Jacuzzis or a private plunge pool. You won’t have to worry about starving because food and drinks are plentiful and there is no need for you to carry money around. There will be free fitness activities and games for you to enjoy. Some adult resorts are also clothing optional which means you can go au naturel with your better half.

Also, if you go to a luxury resort in Hua Hin, you might be able to make friends with other couples who you can get along with. Lastly, some resorts will offer free wedding ceremonies to newlywed couples to relive their vows.

History Of Pictorial Maps

What are pictorial maps? It is another category of maps that is known in other names such as Geopictorial maps, panoramic maps, bird’s eye view maps, perspective maps and illustrated maps. The difference between pictorial maps and the usual road maps or Atlas we knew is that it illustrates a certain area in a more artistic approach rather than technicality. The drawings can be presented using a landscape with three dimensional perspectives or it can be very simple with graphic elements that symbolize people, animals and buildings within it.

These pictorial maps are being made since a century ago by a team of artists who specialize in the field. There is diverse art involved in the process and artworks made are either as simple as a placemat used in eateries or arts displayed on museums nowadays.

The most conventional way of portraying a pictorial map is usually by designing a territory from an unusual angle viewed from above. It is not in the characteristic of illustrated maps to be drawn according to scale and does not follow the usual street patterns indicated. The buildings as well as the landscapes on the map are usually drawn depending on the artist’s perspective. In contrast to the usual maps purchased where everything is drawn in scale in order to determine the approximate distance of places from one point to another, pictorial maps focuses more on an area’s landmarks and uses diverse scaling in order for the viewer to appreciate the more important parts or establishments in an area.

Throughout history, it has been proven that pictorial maps are mostly used for various reasons and not just for direction or to pinpoint landmarks. Most pictorial maps are used to showcase a country’s cuisine, the tourist attractions in a city or the history of a certain place. Nowadays, in a more modern setting, these pictorials maps are either hand drawn by artists or created using various computer software of the modern age. Depending on the artist’s point of view and style, illustrated maps can vary greatly from one drawn as if from a cartoon or an artwork with more detail and focus.

Entrepreneurs Rake In Profits From Selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Many did not think that the unthinkable craze on ugly Christmas sweater will become a big hit. Why even bother buying this ugly apparel? However, over the past few years, things have changed and retailing the sweaters became like hot pancake.

In the recent years, people are celebrating the national ugly Christmas sweater day and many hold ugly sweater parties. At first, people had to literally ask their aunts or grandmas or go through racks at thrifts store in order to find ugly sweaters with Christmas trees or gaudy bells or ugly Santa figures. Today however, you need not dig in the pile of trousers; you can go to your favorite retailer and buy ugly sweaters. The ugly Christmas sweaters have become more accessible to the public.

You can now find these ugly Christmas sweaters at national chains like Target, Wal-mart and Forever 21. Small and medium size businesses on the other hand are also taking advantage of the big cash involved in this particular market.

Blackman’s story

A former stay at home mom, Anne Marie Blackman, who had a background in computer science became hooked with the ugly sweater trend seven years ago. She got the idea while going through Google Trends and looking for items to sell in Ebay so that she could pay her kids’ tuition in college. She then headed out to thrift stores in her area and bought huge piles of ugly Christmas sweaters. She also gathered extra supplies to accessorize the sweaters and make them even uglier. In that year, Blackman was able to sell at least 50 sweaters through EBay with prices ranging from $50 to $150. Ever since, her small business grew. To date, she already has her growing company registered as My Ugly Christmas Sweater. The company has sold at least 25,000 ugly sweaters and has made more than a million dollars in income. The part time ugly sweater seller made it her full time business.

The story of Anne Marie Blackman is just one of the myriads of surprising entrepreneurial success stories with ugly Christmas sweaters. What was perceived by many to be a stupid fad turned out to be something very profitable.

Planning A Big Bang Theory Themed Costume Party

Throwing a party is cool right? It is one way to gain good friendships while enjoying at the same time. What better way to enjoy life than to dance the night away to good music with fun people. Do not be mistaken though, parties are not all about getting drunk and high. It’s not just about getting lost in the world of drinking and rubbing bodies or the frenzy that comes with too much letting go, there are also other ways for people to party without getting drunk. One way to do this is by planning a costume party filled with fun activities and letting out the inner nerd in you.

Of course costume parties would have to have a theme and what better way to showcase your inner nerd than throwing a Big Bang Theory themed party? Unfortunately, throwing a party based on a TV show is never easy. There should be considerable planning.

Here some tips to help you out in planning a Big Bang Theory themed party.

1. Determine how many people would be attending your party. Of course, this would only have to be a guess so you should expect more guests attending your party so that you could prepare in case there is a deluge of people.

2. Make sure that you inform your guests the time and date of your party so that they will be able to make the necessary changes on their schedules.

3. Prepare loads of fun activities. In this case, you can prepare a Big Bang Theory trivia game or other activities related to the said TV show.

4. Costumes are probably the most important aspect of your party. Sine your theme is all about the Big Bang Theory, all costumes should relate with the show. Tell your guests to wear costumes of the characters of the TV show. Since The Big Bang Theory is also known for their affinity with costumes and role-playing, you can also allow your guests to wear costumes that were featured in the show. TV and movie costumes can be bought in local costume stores or online stores like TV Store Online. Don’t forget to help out your guests by referring them shops or stores where they can get their costumes.

5. Choose a location that would fit every one of your guests. Decorate the place with simple party decors and prepare good music and food so that your guests are well-entertained.