Why You Should Install A Tonneau Cover For Winter

If you own a truck, you must be well-aware that you need to prepare your vehicle before winter comes. There are many parts of the truck that should be prepared and one of the most essential parts is the bed of the truck. To ensure that it is well protected for the harsh winter months, tonneau covers is one of your options. The covers are intended to protect not just the bed of the truck but the cargo stored inside as well. Aside from protection, there are many benefits of tonneau covers that made it a hit for majority of truck owners.

There are many types of tonneau covers in different models which offer various levels of convenience. The design of these models might differ from one another depending on the requirement of the owner. There are covers that roll back which is meant to cover cargos while there are covers that features a lock to ensure that the cargo inside are safe from theft. If you are using your truck alone most of the time, you can choose a cover made of lightweight materials so you can take it off on your own. Therefore, if the weight and the accessibility are your main concerns before buying then you should be able to find one that matches your preference.

Aside from the high utility value, the entire appearance of the truck can be improved considerably with the addition of a tonneau cover. It is also proven to be effective in terms of aerodynamics because the fuel you consume will be less than before. Think of a tonneau cover as an investment because it will help you save fuel in the long run.

If you are carrying valuable cargos all the time, the cover will help protect it from thieves and it will be shielded from harsh and unpredictable weather conditions such as snow, wind and rain. Before the winter months, you should be prepared with a cover because the snow can damage the cargo if it is not covered. The mentioned benefits above are the reasons why tonneau covers are currently in demand.

Things You Should Know About Taking Taxis When In Bangkok

Got your ticket to Bangkok ready, booked a hotel near in Sukhumvit road and your bags are packed but do you know how to get around the city? There are many transport options in Bangkok and one of the easiest is to take a taxi if you are simply going one from place to another. This guide will answer your questions regarding taxis in Bangkok in general.

First, you will notice that taxis in the capital city of Thailand are covered in bright and colourful paints such as the pink ones. This does not mean that they follow a certain colour code but it only means that they are operating under different taxi companies. The fares as well as the features are all the same regardless of the colour. You can easily check of the taxi is available because the sign on top of the taxi will be in red and says vacant.

You don’t have to do much negotiating when it comes to fare because all of the taxis in Bangkok are already metered. If the driver is not willing to use the meter for your trip, you should consider it as a red flag. Some drivers will try to trick tourists by setting a fixed fare going to their location especially if it is quite far, if your driver does this then it is best to find another taxi in the location. Be wary of taxis that are standing by at the hotel’s front yard because they are intentionally waiting for foreigners to earn more.

From time to time, you might encounter taxi drivers that are unwilling to take you to your location. There is nothing you can do about this but you can contact the Land Transport Department to report using their hotline number 1584. Make sure to get the plate number of the taxi.

If there is a bus stop in your hotel near in Sukhumvit road, you can flag a taxi if no bus is coming but do not do so if there are buses approaching because you will be honked at.