How To Avoid Corrosion In Steam Boiler

Corrosion in steam boiler systems have damaging effects that results to the most common problems and repair issues occurring. According to estimate, repairs done because of corrosion can cost somewhere between $50,000 and more than $1 million. This is why the development of a boiler corrosion solution is considered a huge blessing in the industry.

Steam boiler systems used in marine operations are mostly employing high quality supply which is feed to the system by a board evaporator. Water quality is an important factor because using high quality decreases problems that could lead to overheating as well as scale deposition.

The most common problem encountered in steam boiler is corrosion which has damaging effects. Failures and repairs are mostly the result of a corroded system. The huge cost of boiler repairs is mainly neglected because majority of the cases are covered by an insurance policy. At the end of the day, the marine industry will suffer because the cost will be taken out by insurance as the premiums go higher and the deductible costs are greater.

For a steam boiler, it is common for corrosion to occur if the feed, condensate waters and boiler carries oxygen. Acidic type corrosion is also possible if the condensate water has decreased level of pH. These corrosions are not only localized but it can be aggressive as well which leads to poor metal pipe work and eventually, failure.

Here are some things to consider in avoiding corrosion:

  • Inspect the risk.
  • Choose the best treatment program for the boiler system.
  • Choose the most recommended chemical approach and apply carefully.
  • Changes or effects should be monitored closely and the environment should be controllable.
  • Lastly, make sure that the crew has enough training.

The best type of steam boiler program is one that uses a boiler corrosion solution to eliminate the oxygen present. From there, the system will have to capacity to form a magnetite layer in the inner surface of the metal. Remember that when applying chemicals it should be done at the right time, place, quantity while using the safest and healthiest option there is.