A Bus From Bangkok To KohPhangan May Be An Option To Take You Around

So you have finally arrived in Bangkok, may be you have spent a number of days in this insane city and are probably heading to the islands. Great, but you just want to know how to reach these areas. Well, you can always check your guide book, but it can’t really provide you a good option on which is best to ride. A bus from Bangkok to KohPhanganmay be suggested but how? So here’s how you can do that!

Train and Boat

Many trains are available every day from Bangkok to Surat Thani. The train journey should be completed in 9 hours. You must then get a coach from the station to pier in Donsak. If the weather permits, you can ride a 4-hour trip by boat. The best way to do this journey is to take an overnight sleeper train that gets you to Surat the next morning. You arrive at KohPhangan in the afternoon. Also bring a jacket as it can get cold on the 1st or 2nd class ticket with the air conditioner on.


If you ride a bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan, it will be an inexpensive trip. However, it may not be the most comfortable trip to take. If you book in VIP buses, you can arrange your trip through travel agencies in Bangkok. It should take you 19 hours to get there especially if the bus is moving slow. This can be a great option to take if you are in a tight budget and want to enjoy the view at KohPhangan.


In KohSamui airport, Bangkok Airways monopolize the trips to this area. It can be an expensive journey to take but it’s actually the fastest to reach the area. Book in advance before you ran out of seats. If you arrive KohSamui, you can request the taxi drive to take you to the pier to board a boat leaving for KohPhangan.

When you arrive KohPhangan, friendly taxi drivers love to take you around. Don’t be alarmed by their attitude as they are only making a living. Also you can rent a scooter to take you around the island.