Tips On Choosing Moving Boxes For Relocation

If you are relocating to another town, city or state, the best source of boxes is a moving box company that manufacturers different types and sizes of cardboard boxes. Moving boxes are a better option than using the flimsy boxes you have retrieved from the attic. These boxes are no longer capable of protecting your belongings particularly for a long distance move.

There are different types of moving boxes. The most common is the large box or tea chest moving box. The dimensions are usually 61cm (height), 51cm (depth) and 41cm (width). The moving box is large enough for bulky stuff like clothes, linen, stuffed toys, shoes, towels and blankets. It can also be used large fragile items that won’t fit into the glassware moving box.

The standard packing box is smaller at 31cm (height), 51cm (length) and 41cm (width). The standard box is suitable for heavy items like books, files, albums and hand tools. A smaller box is used for heavier stuff because a big box will be too heavy to carry. Remember that the moving boxes may have to be brought down the stairs and loaded into a moving van.

Make sure to order more than enough boxes so that you won’t be stressed by the lack of boxes when you start packing. You cannot cram all the belongings in a few large boxes because it would be difficult to carry. It is more organized to use the standard boxes with proper identification of its contents. Unpacking will be more efficient and fast.

While packing, you can also start de-cluttering the home. Stuff you do not need must be segregated so that it won’t have to be packed. Decide on the stuff that has to be thrown away, to be given away to charity or to neighbours and friends.

There is no avoiding the fact the fact that you will be spending a tidy sum when moving home. However, to save a few hundred dollars, search for a moving box company that has a reputation of quality and sturdy moving boxes. Make sure that your order will be processed on the same day so that you will receive your boxes at the quickest time possible.