Landscaping On A Budget

People spend a lot on their houses, it’s only understandable, after all, home is where the heart is. Or so the old saying goes. The first thing people see when it comes to the home, is the outside; the facade.

Good design isn’t just about the house itself, it’s also about the landscaping. We here at Greenside Landscaping know how much love and attention are needed for the garden. We know how much it can cost. Well, not just us, actually, but anyone’s who’s actually gone and worked on landscaping.

So to help you out, here are some ideas for landscaping on a budget.

  • Give that hose a home.
    • With DIY woodwork being a thing, a simple box with a planter on top and room for a hose in the bottom shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive. Pick the right kind of wood to match the landscape, and voila! You have an item that holds flowers and your hose
  • How’s the focus?
    • Highlight any particular piece or group of plants by encapsulating them with edging. This gives the landscaping a sort of focal point, as the stone edging contrasts with the greenery in the area, and gives the landscaping professional look. If you are working on edging, use some temporary marking spray paint in order to outline the edging design you’re going to work on.
  • Does it berm?
    • When someone from us here at Greenside Landscaping says “Berm”, they are talking about the small mounds that is usually used to create properties or for adding some change in a monotonous yard. Berms are brown, which contrasts but works great with all your properly cared for greenery.
  • Is it linked?
    • Use some wooden paths in order to create some character and connect points of interest in your yard. For the same reason berms are a useful thing, they contrast with the rest of the greenery, and are also useful for guiding people.
  • Lights up!
    • Landscape lighting is not only pretty, but also serves a functional side. See, that’s the big thing for landscaping or any sort of design, actually. The best things are fashionable and functional. Landscaping lighting is pretty and, you know, lights up the area after sunset. Get some lights up on your landscaping.

3 Reasons To Have Map Illustration In Themed Parks And Resorts

Themed parks and beach resorts are some of the most favorite weekend and holiday destination of families and groups especially during summers and sunny weather. If you have gone to beach resorts and theme parks, there is a good chance that you have seen a map illustration in the property. Large properties utilize illustrated maps due to the following reasons.

Provides an overview of the area

You can agree that almost every theme park or beach resort has a locator map or virtual map, for the higher end resorts, to help their guests determine their exact location in the huge property. Aside from providing guests with important information that will help them get around the property, the map will also help the customers get to their intended location faster and with more ease. The map offers a bird’s eye view of the property including its features and the view or things to expect in a particular area. By putting an understandable and engaging map illustration, your targets will be encouraged to return to your resort because they had an enjoyable time therein. An effective illustrated map will also be appreciated by online prospects especially if you place a 3D map on your property’s website.

Offers better customer experience

If your establishment guests find it easy to go around your area, the entire experience becomes more enjoyable for them. They spend their time enjoying the facilities and its features rather than finding their way back to their hotel room or the exit doors. With better customer experience, you can be sure for your guests to come back or recommend your park to their friends. Place your map on strategic locations for them to be seen easily. If your guests know their location and their point of destination, they tend to be relaxed and get to enjoy the adventure at your park or beach resort.

Guarantees higher safety   

Putting a map illustration on strategic areas provide a feeling of safety and security among your guests especially if they have children with them. To provide an ultimate experience to your guests while having peace of mind, put up effective and engaging illustrated maps in your establishment.

Tips For Making Your DIY Personalised Word Art

A lot of people gather inspiration from their favorite words or quotes. Nowadays, it is considered a trend to post and include quotes into social media sites. There are people creating their own boards of inspirational quotes on Pinterest and liking posted quotes on Instagram. As you post that beautiful shot on Facebook, you make sure to always include a quote that will complement with it. These quotes are not only posted online but many are making their own DIY version of personalised word art. Sure you can purchase one from your local store but you might have a hard time looking for your favorite quote especially if it is not a common one. The best way to go is to make your own.

One good idea is to put quotes on canvas using old magazines. If you have many copies of old magazines lying around in the house with no future in sight for them except the recycling section then you might as well put them into good use. All you have to do is get a canvas, it can be an old one from a thrift shop or you can buy a new one, and then cover the entire surface with magazine pages. You can use even pages with commercial ads because it will be covered eventually so no fret. It is recommended to use pages with the brightest colors on them. To make sure it sticks to the canvas, you can use spray adhesiveor mod podge.

To make your personal favorite quote, cut out vinyl letters and arrange it on the canvas covered with magazine pages. Once you are done, you paint everything with the color you like. Wait for the paint to totally dry out before removing the vinyl letters. The resulting artwork is now your personalised word art and the colorful magazine pages will shine out through the letters and make the whole idea a very unique one. This process is very easy and it does not cost very much at the same time. All you need is a lot of magazines and a little bit of patience.

Benefits Of Using Illustrated Maps

Maps are considered as essential of human life. You see, compared to the plain words, maps are produced and used to give detailed information about a particular area. For example, a map can help visitors in an amusement park locate the rides and other attractions without the need of asking around because that would be tiring and equally nagging especially if you ask repeatedly. In the absence of words, maps use pictures and symbols to guide the maps’ users where the best route they should take to be able reach their chosen destination at a faster rate. Now, there are many kinds of maps which people can use depending on their individual needs for the map itself. But for people who prefer a more artistic, stylish kind of maps, they should use illustrated maps. To begin with, an illustrated map, as its name indicates, is a map with more pictures and symbols which is far from the conventional maps that we usually see. Instead of grids and numbers, this specific kind of maps include pictures of buildings, animals and people in the maps themselves to give the maps a more lively look and make them more interesting especially when they are used in amusement parks and college campuses.


While the main purpose of any given map to any given traveller of any age is to guide him to get to his desired destination, there are also benefits which people who are properly using illustrated maps for whatever reason they may have and below are just some of the said benefits:

  • One of the important benefits of using this specific kind of map is that it uses patterns which can easily depict roads, pavements, dirt roads and other kinds of guides that will make it easier for the map’s user to find his way in any case he gets lost. People just need to familiarize themselves with the symbols on the maps which are listed on the bottom of the maps themselves.
  • An illustrated map is helpful for people because it uses symbols and landmarks which can help its user to determine where exactly they are at the moment and the exact location that you are trying to locate.

Benefits Of Using Vehicle Signage In Sydney

When you are the department head of a company’s marketing department, you only one responsibility: make sure that the number of clients who are availing the company’s products and services, will stay relatively high or in other words, you are able to make sure that there will be sold items on a consistent basis. You see, these customers are the very reason why your business exists in the first place. Without them, who will buy your products or avail services which in return, can generate revenues for your business? That’s why it’s important that when you are busy making sure that clients are engaged with your business, it’s also a good marketing practice you and your team come up with newer and better ideas that will lure potentially new clients into buying the products that your business is selling. You see, while there will always be a loyal fan base for your business, customers will always look for something unique. As a marketing head, one of the duties which you oversee is the advertising. Now, using vehicle signage in Sydney has been making a noise in the industry as it’s a revolutionary way of advertising especially with the current Digital Age already in full blast.

Employing the use of vehicle signage in Sydney and in other major cities in the world for your advertising needs has been producing positive results for those who chose to use it properly. Below ae some of the benefits of putting up advertisements in vehicles:

  • One of the most important benefits of employing this technique in advertising is that it can help your business reach more audience. You see, vehicles such as trucks which carry advertising materials in them are always seen on the road at any given day and that alone can help inform clients that you and your products do exist.
  • Whatever amount of money you’ve paid for advertising using vehicles, it will go farther. You see, this specific kind of advertising procedure is way better than paying for a 30-second TV ad slot on TV because advertisements on vehicles can last longer.

How The Stars Wars Series Inspired Artists

Star Wars and its characters are used as inspiration by artists in their artworks but how about George Lucas who created the iconic film? Where did George Lucas gain the idea for the film, the characters and the alien invaders?

According to George Lucas, he drew inspiration from sci-fi comic books like Flash Gordon. The filmmaker’s imagination was also sparked by works of artists like landscape painter N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell , the all-American illustrator. These artists gave Lucas the inspiration for the expansive world inhabited by Luke Skywalker and his companions.

George Lucas writes in his introduction to Star Wars Art: Visions that every artist he admired has contributed in one way or another in shaping the vision he expressed in the Stars Wars saga. Lucas and executive director J.W. Rinzler encouraged artists to produce Stars Wars-inspired art to be showcased in the book.

According to Rinzler, the first thing that George Lucas asked from him was to checkout “Heavy Metal” magazine because he wanted the top illustrators and people involved in fine art including guys who were into Western art. George Lucas also showed interest for people who made paintings about history and aviation including NASCAR Formula One racing cars.

Book illustrator Scott M. Fischer considered the costumes of the stormtroopers as the coolest in the Stars Wars galaxy. He remembered having a plastic costume inspired by the stormtroopers back in the 70’s. Since a stormtrooper certainly needs a partner, the idea for Fem Tropper came into existence. A perfect Stars Wars subject will be the stormtropper armour that is wrapped around the sensuality of the female form.

Figure painter Paul G. Oxborough recalls that his first piece of painting expresses his affection for the Star Wars films. He allows the viewer to feel that the painting is one of George Lucas’ visions.

Star Wars Art can now be printed on canvas to be used as décor for the home. Once the image of your favourite Stars Wars character is printed on canvas, it is stretched or gallery-wrapped on a frame. To ensure a unique décor you can have the canvas prints customized using your Star Wars themes.