Benefits Of Plumbers In Sheffield For Those Who Fancy A Career Change

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Are you thinking about having a career change? Working as a tradesman might just be the best job for you. Becoming one of the plumbers Sheffield or tradesmen can do wonders to your career and may even open new opportunities whether you are going to work as one of the plumbers in an established plumbing company such as Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage or you are going to work as a freelance or independent plumber, the career can provide opportunities to live decently and even comfortably depending on your skills.

Gas man

A qualified and registered gas technician can earn up to £34k a year for domestic gas fitters while commercial experts can earn up to £36k. If you are going to work independently, meaning you are not connected to any company, you can charge around £30 to £100 for every hour depending on the other factors such as difficulty of the job, response time and your reputation. Working as gas man requires you to abide the standards provided by Gas Safe safety regulations so you have to undergo training, work placements and should have a strong portfolio to build a solid career in the industry.


A reputable plumbers Sheffield can earn anywhere between £15k to £40k a year. The job involves conducting service or heating repairs, working on water and sanitation systems both in local and commercial establishments. You can also handle emergency calls involving blocked drains, burst pipes and may specialize in ventilation, heating, renewable energy technologies and air-conditioning systems.

To become a qualified plumber, you need to have a level 2 or 3 Diploma in Domestic Plumbing and Heating.


Qualified electricians are always in demand in UK. With the right qualifications, a registered electrician in UK can earn around £18K and £42K in a year whether you are with a company or working on your own. To become a registered electrician, you also have to earn certain qualifications just like plumbers Sheffield. You need to complete three electro-technical or electrical qualifications and you can earn this by doing jobs related to the field.