Bangkok Indian Restaurant, Gaggan, Tops Best 50 Asian Restaurant List 2015

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The spicy yet flavorful dishes from India has definitely touched not only their locals, but also those who come from other nationalities. Proof of this are the rise of Bangkok Indian Restaurants that are now making a name for themselves in the world and in Indian Cuisine. One of the greatest achievements from this type of restaurants from Bangkok was the amazing rise of ‘Gaggan’, a Bangkok Indian Restaurant that ranked on the upper echelon of the Top 50 Best Asian Restaurant.

Last year, 2014, the restaurant was on the rank 3 in the same category; it showed further dedication and finally, it reached the pinnacle of the list. The other restaurants that followed it is a Japanese Restaurant, ‘Narisawa’ from Tokyo, and a Shanghai restaurant named ‘Ultraviolet’ – 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Bangkok Indian Restaurant, Gaggan, is a relatively new restaurant which just opened this 2010. Many restaurants have opened earlier than it did, but out of the sea of restaurants in Bangkok, it indefinitely rose and gave a more cemented reputation to the Indian food found in Thailand. The name of the restaurant came from its founder, Gaggan Anand. The restaurant is located in an exemplary and eye-catching, colonial-style house with white color – giving it a sophisticated and luxurious look.

Gaggan, 37 year-old chef and founder of this restaurant, is one of the leading faces when it comes to the ‘molecular-cuisine’, however, he insists that rather than that term, it should be called ‘progressive cuisine’. He further emphasized that he’s a chef, not a scientist.

The chef also shared that he noticed that the platform between major cuisines like French cuisine, is on a whole new level compared to Indian food. However, he proved that through hard work and some experimental procedures, he was able to create dishes that was on-par with this type of dishes, flattening the duel between Indian Cuisine and other famous type of cuisines.

There are also other superb restaurants that hit the top 50 that would definitely have you indulging in the tastiest and most flavorful foods. If you ever find yourself in Thailand, then the Bangkok Indian Restaurant, Gaggan, is surely a place you’d definitely love to visit.