How To Avoid Corrosion In Steam Boiler

Corrosion in steam boiler systems have damaging effects that results to the most common problems and repair issues occurring. According to estimate, repairs done because of corrosion can cost somewhere between $50,000 and more than $1 million. This is why the development of a boiler corrosion solution is considered a huge blessing in the industry.

Steam boiler systems used in marine operations are mostly employing high quality supply which is feed to the system by a board evaporator. Water quality is an important factor because using high quality decreases problems that could lead to overheating as well as scale deposition.

The most common problem encountered in steam boiler is corrosion which has damaging effects. Failures and repairs are mostly the result of a corroded system. The huge cost of boiler repairs is mainly neglected because majority of the cases are covered by an insurance policy. At the end of the day, the marine industry will suffer because the cost will be taken out by insurance as the premiums go higher and the deductible costs are greater.

For a steam boiler, it is common for corrosion to occur if the feed, condensate waters and boiler carries oxygen. Acidic type corrosion is also possible if the condensate water has decreased level of pH. These corrosions are not only localized but it can be aggressive as well which leads to poor metal pipe work and eventually, failure.

Here are some things to consider in avoiding corrosion:

  • Inspect the risk.
  • Choose the best treatment program for the boiler system.
  • Choose the most recommended chemical approach and apply carefully.
  • Changes or effects should be monitored closely and the environment should be controllable.
  • Lastly, make sure that the crew has enough training.

The best type of steam boiler program is one that uses a boiler corrosion solution to eliminate the oxygen present. From there, the system will have to capacity to form a magnetite layer in the inner surface of the metal. Remember that when applying chemicals it should be done at the right time, place, quantity while using the safest and healthiest option there is.

Tips In Hiring Furniture Removalists In Sydney

Hiring a team of Sydney furniture removalists is one of the things that will save the day if you are moving to a new location. Apart from having a hassle-free moving experience with the service, it will also eliminate physical stress that you will inevitably experience when you move to a new location. Moving means that you need to carry or lift heavy boxes, disassemble furniture and pack them then take them to the vehicle that will move them to the new house. But if you hire a team of removalists, you can forget about lifting, carrying and moving heavy furniture and save time in the process. When looking for a team of experienced removalists, you can start with the following ideas.

Conduct some research

To find a reliable team of Sydney furniture removalists, conduct some research on the internet for furniture removalists in your area. You might also want to search from nearby areas but the service might be cheaper if you will hire local. Read customer testimonials at the removalist’swebsite. Avoid companies with complaints or bad feedback from customers. You might also want to get more information by starting a topic at online forums or discussion boards. Another option is to ask for recommendations from friends if they know of a reliable furniture removalists in your area. You might also ask a neighbour who previously moved to your area.

Ask for quotes

If you have already a few candidates, it’s time for you to ask quotes to find out how much is the average rate for the service and also to know which among the service providers offer more value to your money. Look for the most reasonably priced service instead of looking for the cheapest.Read the inclusions including the policies. Ask questions if there are points that you are not clear with.

Trusted service provider

You will find a lot of Sydney furniture removalistsin your area but it would be best to hire an accredited company by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). This gives you the guarantee that your personal belongings and furniture will be moved and handled professionally. Purchase insurance if you have high value items or furniture.

Things You Should Know About Taking Taxis When In Bangkok

Got your ticket to Bangkok ready, booked a hotel near in Sukhumvit road and your bags are packed but do you know how to get around the city? There are many transport options in Bangkok and one of the easiest is to take a taxi if you are simply going one from place to another. This guide will answer your questions regarding taxis in Bangkok in general.

First, you will notice that taxis in the capital city of Thailand are covered in bright and colourful paints such as the pink ones. This does not mean that they follow a certain colour code but it only means that they are operating under different taxi companies. The fares as well as the features are all the same regardless of the colour. You can easily check of the taxi is available because the sign on top of the taxi will be in red and says vacant.

You don’t have to do much negotiating when it comes to fare because all of the taxis in Bangkok are already metered. If the driver is not willing to use the meter for your trip, you should consider it as a red flag. Some drivers will try to trick tourists by setting a fixed fare going to their location especially if it is quite far, if your driver does this then it is best to find another taxi in the location. Be wary of taxis that are standing by at the hotel’s front yard because they are intentionally waiting for foreigners to earn more.

From time to time, you might encounter taxi drivers that are unwilling to take you to your location. There is nothing you can do about this but you can contact the Land Transport Department to report using their hotline number 1584. Make sure to get the plate number of the taxi.

If there is a bus stop in your hotel near in Sukhumvit road, you can flag a taxi if no bus is coming but do not do so if there are buses approaching because you will be honked at.

A Bus From Bangkok To KohPhangan May Be An Option To Take You Around

So you have finally arrived in Bangkok, may be you have spent a number of days in this insane city and are probably heading to the islands. Great, but you just want to know how to reach these areas. Well, you can always check your guide book, but it can’t really provide you a good option on which is best to ride. A bus from Bangkok to KohPhanganmay be suggested but how? So here’s how you can do that!

Train and Boat

Many trains are available every day from Bangkok to Surat Thani. The train journey should be completed in 9 hours. You must then get a coach from the station to pier in Donsak. If the weather permits, you can ride a 4-hour trip by boat. The best way to do this journey is to take an overnight sleeper train that gets you to Surat the next morning. You arrive at KohPhangan in the afternoon. Also bring a jacket as it can get cold on the 1st or 2nd class ticket with the air conditioner on.


If you ride a bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan, it will be an inexpensive trip. However, it may not be the most comfortable trip to take. If you book in VIP buses, you can arrange your trip through travel agencies in Bangkok. It should take you 19 hours to get there especially if the bus is moving slow. This can be a great option to take if you are in a tight budget and want to enjoy the view at KohPhangan.


In KohSamui airport, Bangkok Airways monopolize the trips to this area. It can be an expensive journey to take but it’s actually the fastest to reach the area. Book in advance before you ran out of seats. If you arrive KohSamui, you can request the taxi drive to take you to the pier to board a boat leaving for KohPhangan.

When you arrive KohPhangan, friendly taxi drivers love to take you around. Don’t be alarmed by their attitude as they are only making a living. Also you can rent a scooter to take you around the island.

What To Avoid When Booking A Hotel

If you’re looking to travel, or planning a trip there’s one key step that demands absolute scrutiny: booking a hotel. Makes sense, seeing as the hotel is where you’ll be staying, and you’ll be paying for it by the day, so there’s a lot of deliberation to go through when choosing a hotel.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable hotel in Bangkok or something else in another location entirely, booking the right hotel can make or break the experience of traveling.

Here are some of the things to never do when booking a hotel.

  • Forgetting to check the hotel location
    • Say you’re looking for an affordable hotel in Bangkok, and you find one and book it immediately without checking where it is exactly. Then you get there and it’s nowhere where you want it to be, it’s hard to access the transport or worse, both. Or maybe, it might be close to where you want it to be, but next to a highway. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to check the exact location, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.
  • Didn’t go through reviews first.
    • If you skip the review sites, you won’t know as much as you should about a hotel, and that is a no-no. One of the best ways to get the most out of booking is to know as much about the hotel you’re booking, a point touched upon by the previous bullet. Consequently, skipping the review step will deprive you of very important knowledge.
  • Fail to ask ‘Is there an airport shuttle? ‘
    • Public transportation’s good and all, but when it comes to squeezing your way into a PUV to get to the airport, it might not be worth the hassle. There’s Uber and taxis, but that might cut into the budget. The best option, thankfully, is free. Sort of. Some hotels offer airport shuttles as part of the staying costs, and it’s quite convenient, and well-worth looking into.
  • Didn’t haggle.
    • Ok, not necessarily, haggle, but forget to check if there are any better rates. Maybe there’s a special offer, maybe there’s a promo or something like that. Present an open-ended inquiry to get them talking, and to get yourself some extra value.

How To Save From Office Fitouts

Business owners know very well that getting commercial fitouts in Sydney can be an expensive project. This is one of the reasons why companies tend to delay refurbishing their offices despite the obvious need for it. For many, the change is a good thing for the business and the workers thus it is important to consider it. There many ways that business owners can save cost while doing commercial fitouts.

Make a plan. This is the most essential tip that business owners should follow if they are planning to do office fitouts. It does not matter the size of the project, it is still worth planning ahead. This way, you can manage the costs and make sure that everything is done within the allotted budget. If you are leasing an office space, the landlord should be aware of the upgrades you are planning to do. Landlord’s approval is necessary before the project can be given the green light. Discuss with the fitout company of your choice and you might be able to contract them to do the project in their slow months and you could pay a lesser fee.

For new business, choosing the ideal office space is important. If most of the fitout is already done, it requires less work which means that it is a cost-effective choice for the company. When checking out new office spaces, make sure to pay attention to the layout, the current bathroom, flooring and the facilities provided in the kitchen. If these things are already in good condition and will be ideal for the design you have in mind, you will be able to save cost.

Hire a professional. If you think that doing things on your own will be able to save you money, there is where you will find yourself committing a mistake. If you have no previous experience and is not skilled when it comes to renovations, attempting to DIY should be out of the question. It could do more harm and may cost you a lot in the end. If you hire different people to do specific works, the project will take longer to finish and it could be costly in the end. This is why a professional company that specializes in commercial fitouts in Sydney should be hired to make sure that the project is done right.

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