A Brief Glimpse Into The History Of Hellfire Pass In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand with its waterfalls and national parks. For most tourists, the main reason for their visit is ช่องเขาขาดกาญจนบุรี that was built by prisoners of war and men and women labourers who were forced to suffer harsh conditions that resemble hell. A museum was built as a memorial to those who have suffered and died during the construction of the railway.

Former Prisoner of War J.G. Tom Morris can be credited for the preservation of the Hellfire Pass. After touring the area, he convinced the Australian government to preserve certain portions of the Thai-Burma Death Railway as historical site. As a result of his efforts, Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum was built.

In 1984, the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) was commissioned to make a survey and choose a suitable site for the museum. After most of the ground work was completed, the reports were submitted to the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce in 1985. The development of the museum and the preservation of Hellfire Pass is a joint effort of the Thailand and Australian governments. As part of the experience, a visitor can pass through the cutting itself and along a section of the former railway track bed.

The Hellfire Pass along Tenasserim Hills was considered as the most difficult portion of the line to build. When it was built, there were no modern construction tools. That portion was the largest rock cutting section of the railway. It was easier to build a tunnel instead of cutting but it can only be constructed at two ends at any one time whereas cutting could be done at all points simultaneously. Australians, Dutch, British and other prisoners of war had to work for 18 hours a day in order to build the cutting.

Since the railway was not build for lasting permanence, the line is now only in service from Bangkok to Nan Tok Sai Yok Noi. If you are planning to visit ช่องเขาขาดกาญจนบุรี, you can take the bus from Non Tok Sai Yok Noi to Kanchanburi then take another bus to the museum.

A Look At Yangon – Places To Be

As you might expect from a tourist hot spot, even one as mild as Yangon, there’s a lot of options for when you’re looking for a destination to enjoy. From any hotel in Yangon Myanmar, there’s a lot of places surrounding you that’ll help you enjoy your stay in the city. Of course, where do you want to go? What do you enjoy? Where you stay will do a lot to defining your experience, so you’ll want to carefully consider it.

Now this isn’t a definitive guide, just something to get started with. Now, with that out of the way…

West Yangon

  • The Bahan area in the western half of the city is one of the most thriving in its bounds, with a lot of museums, markets, pagodas, gardens and the like for people to enjoy.
  • One notable example is the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is dated at around 2,500 years of age. To get to this wonderful structure, visitors will make a trek up one of four entrances to get to the pagoda, with many saying the golden structure is best seen with the clear night sky as its backdrop.

East Yangon

  • The eastern half of the city has a lot of options; Botataung, North Dagon and Pazundaung are just some of the options.
  • If you’re a culture lover, Botahtaung is your place to be, thanks to the many colonial era structures located in the area for the avid designer and culture vulture. Also in the area is the Botahtaung Pagoda, for which the area is named.
  • For bustling activity, you’ll want to head for MingalaTaungnyunt, which is where visitors can find the Yangon Central Railway Station, a public transport hub located in one of the most densely populated areas in all of Yangon.

South Yangon

  • The area with the least activity, with the least things to see. That being said, the St. Francis’ Catholic Church and the Mogaung Pagoda, the Supramanayan Hindu Temple, the Nagalein Pagoda, and the Kalayana Temple are all here, meaning that this is the place for the faith tourist.

North Yangon

  • One of the furthest from downtown, these areas weren’t initially a part of Yangon. They only got added when the boundaries were expanded, with areas like Insein, 20 miles from the city centre, counted.
  • Here is where Kamayut, one of the most successful areas in the city are, with some of the city’s major universities located here, alongside the Judson Chapel.
  • For those looking for places of faith, the Mayangone Township has pagodas, churches and monasteries, though there’s some issues with accommodation, as there aren’t that many options.

Use Boral Roof Tiles In Sydney For Your Roof tops

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  • It is sound resistant: If you’re worried that noises can disturb your peacefulness like being near to the highway or airport, you need roofing made from Boral to eliminate the sound from external factors.


  • Insulation properties: Whether it’s extremely hot in summer or very chilly in winter, the Boral roof tiles in Sydney can provide good insulation in your home environment.


  • Resistance to fire: Accidental fires can happen; however, you don’t want it to affect your home. Roof tiles made of Boral are noncombustible so you can provide super protection to your homes.


  • Low maintenance cost: Choose roof tiles that require low maintenance. You need to find a company that can give you these roof tiles especially when part of your roof gets damaged and you need lesser expenses for the roofing systems. With Boral roof tiles in Sydney, you don’t need to pay more for maintenance.


  • The tiles’ lifespan: Boral can provide tiles that can last for decades with no replacements. You can be assured that the material can last on your roof. Many customers are quite positive about using Boral for their roofs.

Boral tiles are worth investing of your money as it brings so many benefits. You just need to find providers or dealers that can give you the best prices for your Boral roof tiles in Sydney. Check the experience of the dealer and the authenticity of the product they sell. This is worth an investment that you can truly be proud of.

Travelling From Bangkok To Hua Hin

If you want to spend a vacation in a tropical country, go to Thailand where you will have your fill of sun, water and beaches. It is typical for Bangkok to be the first destination that you will explore in Thailand. However, about 2.5-hour car ride away from Bangkok is the quiet and peaceful beach of Hua Hin. In terms of accommodations, there are Hua Hin luxury villas where complete privacy is guaranteed.

Aside from hiring a car to take you to Hua Hin, there is also a train from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong and Bang Sue railway stations. It will take about 2 ½ hours to Hua Hin if traffic is not very bad; otherwise travel time can be extended by another 2 hours. The price of the air conditioned train ride is 250 baht while ordinary train fare is only 44 baht.

Another option is take the non-stop VIP bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to Hua Hin. It will take approximately 3.5 hours in moderate traffic. The coaches are quite comfortable with wide seats that can accommodate two passengers. There are also ordinary buses available from the Sai Tai Mai terminal every 20 minutes. Travel time is also 3.5 hours in moderate traffic.

It is also possible to take a taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin. The price of the taxi ride is about 3000 baht. There is also the option of limousine service that is more expensive than taking a taxi. Regular minivans also travel from Bangkok to Hua Hin and vice versa. You can ride one of the minivans from Mo Chit and Tai Mai bus terminals.

From Pattaya, you can take the ferry that departs from Bali Hai pier, South Pattaya to Khao Ta Kiab pier in Hua Hin. Travel time is only 2 hours which is almost half the 4 to 3.5 hours if you travel by land.

If you book directly through the website of Hua Hin luxury villas, you will have place to go to be able to relax immediately after the journey. You will never regret staying at the luxury villas because it offers plenty of features that will make your stay very comfortable.

Where To Eat Authentic Thai Cuisine In Bangkok

Many tourists from around the world desire to visit Bangkok, Thailand. Each year, a multitude of travellers come to this glittering city for business or vacation. One can be fascinated by the impressive blend of Asian culture combined with modernity. If you thought that Bangkok is all about spectacular Buddhist temples, the vibrant nightlife, and ancient historical structures, then you need to think again. Another pastime that Thais usually love is eating authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok in exquisite restaurants.

When you explore authentic Thai cuisines, you’ll be amazed at what Bangkok can offer. The amazing combination of flavours and aromas make the Thai cuisines widely popular around the world. If you want to treat yourself with authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok, the best place to be is this city alone. You can opt from among the many Thai restaurants that will surely fill your gastronomy.

If you prefer traditional and savoury spicy street food in Bangkok, the best place for tasting is at the Chinatown where posh Chinese restaurants and street stalls sell inexpensive food. Regardless of the budget, fill in your famished tummy with delectable Thai meals in this part of the city.

In Khao San Road, you also get to enjoy great food. There’s also the vibrant nightlife and some eateries that satisfy your savoury mouth. In Khao San are a variety of classy restaurants, inexpensive food stalls, shacks and cafes where you get to taste Thai and western food. This is actually the best place to find all types of Thai food from spicy curries to western comfort foods.

Another place that offers authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok is Ratchaprasong. Here is where you find a variety of culinary offerings. Whether you’rehere for delectable full course meals or quick snacks, there is something to find in Ratchaprasongrestaurants that will suit your taste buds.

No matter where you are in Bangkok, there will always be a restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok to savour your meals. The lovely city provides several eating options from luxury restaurants found in plush hotels, to food courts in shopping malls, and the cheapest street stalls.

Know About Patong, The Party Capital Of Thailand

Patong is a beautiful beach town in Phuket Island. The town is famous for its serene beaches and the pulsating nightlife on the beach. The sleepy town in the day turns into a party mecca by night with a number of go-go bars, cabarets, beer bars, live music bars dotting the neon lit landscape. Throngs of tourists visit Patong from all over the world to enjoy a luxurious beach vacation and the exhilarating nightlife.

Patong is popular for its beach facing luxury resorts. My favourite among these is the 5 star hotel in Patong that offers luxurious services at affordable rates. The luxury 5 star hotel by Sofitel offers the best luxury in town.

The sleepy town of Patong is also home to the largest mall in Phuket Island. The mall has a collection of retail outlets of leading clothing and accessories brands and designers. Apart from the glitzy malls, Patong is also famous for its street shopping. The town has a number of shopping streets where tourists can buy anything from clothing, accessories, electronics, souvenirs etc.

Patong is popular for its beaches. The popular Patong beach is where all the action is. Tourists frequent the long winding beach dotted with swaying palm trees and sun loungers. Tourists can indulge in various adventure activities present at the Patong beach. There are other calm and less crowded beaches in Patong, which are beautiful and calm. The paradise beach in Patong is my personal favourite. I stay at the 5 star hotel Patong and visit the paradise beach for a calm and relax session of sunbathing. The beach has an entrance fee and is less touristy. The beach does not have a lot of vendors and you have to visit the stalls at the back of the beach for a quick meal.

Foodies like me have a lot of options to choose from in the beautiful town. There are a number of high end restaurants serving the fanciest menus and there are roadside food stalls and markets that serve a range of local delicacies as well as international cuisine. The three restaurants at the 5 star hotel in Patong are the best place to have a delicious meal. Enjoy a quiet meal at the rooftop restaurant or sip the choicest cocktails prepared by expert mixologists by the poolside bar, or simply use the room service to get your favourite meal delivered to your room, there are a number of choices to wine and dine at the hotel.

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