Art In The Preparation And Presentation Of Japanese Food

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The Japanese treat food preparation as an art. Even the simplest dishes are meticulously prepared and presented to ensure that it is an extremely delicious offering. It is very obvious that the Japanese are passionate about food with the way they invest efforts and time to proudly serve their local dishes. Good thing that there are Japanese restaurants even in cities like Bangkok that allows us a taste of the famous Japanese cuisine without the need to travel to the country.


Japan has four distinct seasons with each of the seasons providing an opportunity for delicious offerings. The diverse range of Japanese food is very evident in supermarkets, hotels, inns and restaurants where menus are consistently changed in order to reflect what is available for the season.

While it is indeed a struggle to name the countless varieties of seaweeds, fishes and mushrooms on the store shelves, there is no shortage of people who order the small dishes that contain as much as 12 artfully presented courses that are either steamed, grilled or simmered. On top of the list of the frequently ordered Japanese dishes is sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw fish like salmon or tuna served on top of shredded radish along with wasabi and soy sauce. In high end restaurants, the fresh tuna is prepared and served right before your very eyes.

Another traditional Japanese dish that is easily recognized all over the world is sushi which is a combination of Japanese rice, seaweeds, cucumber, vegetables and other fresh ingredients. There is a certain art in the preparation and presentation of sushi which reflects on the Japanese passion for traditional cuisine.

Japanese food has now reached a stage where it is available in different restaurants all over the world. There are Japanese-inspired restaurants that are certainly worth a second look because of the special Japanese menus that are served for lunch and dinner.

Eating in Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet is both about experience and food. Food is meticulously prepared to echo authentic flavours and capture the essence of Japan’s four seasons. The Japanese restaurant in Bangkok offers a unique experience with exceptionally good value, delicious food and great service.