Application Of Fusion Extensions

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Hair extensions are also referred to as hair weaves. The hair extensions can either be lengths of synthetic or real hair which are closely locked into the scalp of a person. This will add length and thickness to the natural hair of the person.

When doing hair extensions, you can apply fusion extensions. In order to understand how this is done, here are the following steps for you to follow:

– First, clarify your hair. There are plenty of clarifying shampoos available in the market which will help to cleanse the locks on your hair of any residue that might prevent the new hair extensions from sticking to your hair. Refrain from using conditioner or other similar hair products after you clarify your hair as this will add the things you just removed with the clarifying shampoo.

– Completely dry your hair. If your hair is still damp, the glue will not stick to your hair.

– Create a divider for your hair. The divider will section out the small pieces in your hair so that you can fuse the extensions. This will also protect your scalp from being burned. In order to do this, you should have a cardstock that is about three inches in diameter.

– Next, you need to section your hair. Begin at the base of your hair. Part your hair about two inches from your neck. Pin everything that is above the mark towards the top of your head.

– Ensure that there is a strand of hair in the cardstock divider. This is the first piece that you fuse with. It should be about the same size or volume of the strand of hair extension. If needed, clip the divider into the hair using a hair clip or bobby pin.

– Attach a single strand of the hair extension to the divided hair. Next thing that you do is to line up the end of the hair extension using the roots of your hair so it will begin near the scalp.

– When fusing the extension, use a flat iron. Hold the extension and the hair by its roots in the iron for some seconds.