Amidst A Field Of Roses

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Home decorations can be a bit of a pain. Everyone loves working on their house; trying to make it look as good and unique as they can possibly make it. On my end, I’ve been looking around for a good canvas print to put in my house. I’ve always been the anxious type of person; always finding some insignificant bit of minutiae to fuss over. Wisely, I’ve been looking for something relaxing to gaze into whenever the whim struck me.

I’ve found a few that were quite nice, but something bugged me a bit. The prints were beautiful, make no mistake, but something inside me instinctively refused them. I wasn’t sure what the issue was, but I knew I could not simply choose ignoring this feeling. Home, after all, is where the heart is, and if my heart felt off, then it wouldn’t work. So I decided to search for an image to use in my canvas print.
That particular endeavor didn’t take long, fortunately, I knew what I was looking for. I found this picture of a field of purple flowers bathed in sunset light. I’m not entirely sure what flowers they are specifically, all I know is that I’ve always found purple flowers appealing. I’m particularly fond of orchid and lavender.

Admittedly, this image didn’t look all that different from the many canvas prints you could go and find in a shop or online. Honestly, it made me wonder why I went through all that effort to go and look for the damn thing. Anyway, I shrugged, acknowledging the fact that it was my decision.

That’s when it hit me.

This photo I found, was my choice. It was going to hang in my house.

See, that’s the important thing. When deciding something for your home, it has to be your decision. People can suggest something, but it ultimately comes down to you. If you share a house with your family, then they can contribute, but I digress. The point is, when you decorate your home, when you alter it, it has to be your choice; it is your house, after all.