Added Features To Help Your Packaging Standout

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Boxes from Paper Mart boxes are an essential when it comes to ecommerce or any other web based venture. What’s even more important these days is to customize those boxes to enhance product marketability and promotion. Relying on plain and traditional boxes is a thing of the past now as people would also love an enjoyable un-packaging experience for their part and, for your part, added advertisement and marketing. So, to improve product packaging, here are some things you’d like to consider:

Dual-purpose boxes
This is also called as a “built-in” feature. Some food packaging companies have long been using this. they have boxes that have built-in condiment holders and some parts of the packaging can turn into utensils. In another instance, there’s a popcorn box that doubles as a bowl.

So, for your own product, think of a way that your packaging can serve a different purpose other than being a box. It likely varies depending on what product you are selling. Nevertheless, there are ideas to take cues from. And of course, your imagination is your best tool for this task.

Packing tape with logo
You’ll also have to love a packaging tape customized for your own company. Packaging tape, like boxes, should not simply just be for security and packaging purposes. You can also utilize them for your own purpose by having your logo endlessly on the tape. Imagine customers trying to unwrap the package wrapped all around with tape that has your logo seemingly everywhere. That makes for good promotion.

Custom inserts
You may want to insert a sheet of paper into the packaging along with the product. But it’s not just any piece of paper. It should be customized for your product and your company for marketing purposes. On top of that, artwork may also be necessary to improve customer experience and to leave a positive impression on your customers about your company.

Business cards
You don’t have all the time in the world to run around town passing your business cards from person to person. Instead, why not include them in your packaging. The same as inserts, they should be impressionable to the customers. Some people may take the minimalist route in the design and some may want the cards to be eye catching. It doesn’t matter which road you so long as the card ends up in the hands of your customers for them to hang on to and pass on to other people.