Activity Tracker Might Not Be The Answer To Your Weight Loss Problem

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The season of fall is upon us and while it may be a delightful time of the year, it is also a dangerous one for those who are trying to lose weight. There are temptations from Halloween candies, Thanksgiving pies and many other treats during the holiday season. It is the times when most who are struggling with weight loss are keeping track of everything they do and eat.

If you are one of those people who wanted to lose some weight then you are not alone in the struggle. According to statistics, half of the population in the United States is trying to lose some pounds at any given period. With the development in technology, it is now sensible to see someone who is trying to lose weight to be strapped with an expensive and attractive activity tracker on either wrist.

The question is, do they really help in losing weight?

If you are still debating whether to get one or not, read on to find out more about the latest study conducted regarding the effects of activity trackers in terms of long term goals of losing weight. The work was published by JAMA last month and the authors are eager to learn the effect of activity trackers and if it helps in shedding more pounds compared to the traditional diet and exercise routines.

The researchers came from the University of Pittsburgh and to do the experiment, they have chosen random people. There are 471 in total with ages ranging from 18 to 35 and they were divided into two groups. The participants in the two groups are mostly women with weight range considered as overweight to obese. None of the participants belong to the morbidly obese category, doctors classify morbidly obese as those that have a BMI of greater than 40. The two groups were subjected to the same program. The first one had to use a journal while the second group was provided with activity trackers. The activity was done in a period of two years and the result is that those who are not wearing trackers lost more weight. If you are looking for other alternatives in losing weight, try SlimLife HCG Drops.