4 Reasons To Choose Travertine Bathroom Basins

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Travertine is a type of material that is commonly used in basins, bathroom flooring, patio and in swimming pools. It is made of natural stone and it is generally used in its original yet polished condition to give the material a more natural appeal.  While there are other available materials for vanity units, more people opt for travertine because of its numerous advantages. Some of these include the following:

Reasonably priced

A leading advantage of travertine bathroom basins is its affordability. Practical home owners prefer travertine because the material can blend other types of furniture materials around the house or bathroom.  To lessen your expenses even more, ask for cost estimates from different stone or tile fitters. Visit the websites different online suppliers and service providers for price comparison.


Travertine is a type of stone that is proven to be durable. It can last for several years especially when you apply it with proper maintenance. Travertine is resistant from freezing which is why it is generally used for outdoor applications such as Jacuzzi or swimming pools as they can withstand harsh environment and sudden changes in the environment. When damaged, they can easily be replaced making it one of the best investments that you can have for your home. Travertine vanity units are resistant to discoloration and can prevent stain accumulation.


Aside from its natural appeal and stone property, travertine bathroom basins are not slippery even when wet compared to other materials such as tiles or bricks. This way, you can relax and there’s no need to worry every time your family uses the bathroom or when enjoying their day at the pool. Travertine is safe enough that the material is added on pool surfaces to prevent slippage and increase safety on pools and other wet areas around the house.

Easy to maintain

Another positive feature of travertine bathroom basins is they are easy to clean and maintain. You won’t need special cleaners. All you need is a soft sponge and ordinary cleaning detergent and you can clean the vanity sink within a few minutes.